Friday, February 8, 2008


It rains here A LOT! Why not enjoy it?
Word of advice: If it is grey skies but no rain...bring an umbrella. If it is gorgeous and nice with white fluffy clouds here and there...bring an umbrella. If it is totally clear with just a hint of a refreshing breeze...BRING AN UMBRELLA! See a trend?
The cutest dalamation puppy on the block!

Can you imagine how much this kid gets away with? Look at that face-it melts my heart.

What is a puddle good for if not for jumping in (again and again)?


Micheal Green said...

What software are you using for your editing?

Cathryn said...

I use two different programs. Picasa if I just want to do a quick fix and Microsoft Digital Image Pro 10 if I want to play around a little more. I would like to use Adobe photoshop but that one scares me!

Alisha Green said...

Holy crap! What adorable pictures. Josh HAS to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen! Lovin the rain coats too. So cute!