Saturday, February 2, 2008

Joining the Ranks


I finally take the plunge to create a blog for our family and I am not even sure what to write; possibly not a good sign! Anyone who knows me understands that I am usually not as a loss for words but this may be that moment.

So, a little about our family. First off, we live in Japan...actually, the island of Okinawa. Dana is a dentist for the Air Force and we are lucky enough to live on a tropical island for a few years (ask me how lucky I am in the summer~not so much!). It is beautiful and busy all in the same breath. A massive coral reef surrounds the island so it is a haven for snorkelers and divers. We have lived here for about 5 months and are just now starting to feel a bit "settled in." Our boys don't realize how good they have it to live within walking distance to a great beach. The ocean, the East China Sea, is right out our door (well, technically just past the parking garage but STILL!).

Where did I come up with the name of our blog you ask (you were asking weren't you)? Well, let me tell you. Hermit crabs are everywhere on the beaches here; big ones and little ones. The boys LOVE to find the crabs! The tide pools and the beach are crawling with them (and once even my laundry basket when Logan put some "neat shells" in his pocket for a collection~ACK!). So, that covers the crabs~n~shells portion. Now, for Shisa Dogs; they are so neat! They are a symbolic creature in statue form that many Japanese homes and businesses use for "protection." Here is a link to Wikipedia for a quick read . We LOVE the Shisa! They are also called ShiShi. They usually come in pairs one "dog" being female and the other male. The male is to ward of any evil and usually has his mouth open. The female will have her mouth closed as to keep in the "happiness" of the home. Love it! So, there you have it...the name of our blog.

To sum up our life here we:

  • Live in an apartment (mommy DOES NOT want to sleep with geckos)

  • drive old cars

  • don't watch TV (costs to much to put up the satellite only to take it down every typhoon)

  • explore neato castle ruins

  • play on the beach

  • snorkel to find Nemo and his friends

  • watch the whale sharks in the biggest aquarium ever (well 2nd biggest!)

  • eat lots of yummy Japanese food

  • learning karate to burn off said Japanese food

  • drive really far for Church

Ok, not the most exciting list but we do really like it here! So, sit back and be ready for lots of pictures as the camera is almost always in action.

I will end for now because you know what? It is bedtime for kids and we looooove bedtime. :)


Rebecca said...

Yea! I love it already. It is such a fun way to share our awesome adventures here. Good Job. I'm sure your family will love getting caught up. I will check it often even though I already know your lives inside- out. It's such a cute title.

Greg & Tacie said...

So glad to be back in touch after all these years! It sounds like you are on quite the adventure! Quite a change from Nebraska, huh?
Tell your cute family hello - -and thanks for keeping in touch.

Micheal Green said...

Very glad you started a blog. And thanks for commenting on mine. I do find it therapeutic to write about what's on my mind.

I really like the creativity and back-story of the title. After reading your post, I really want to visit!

Cathryn said...

Yay! I have comments I have comments!


Alisha Green said...

Hey, I started a blog this week too! I just haven't posted anything yet, since we've been sick all week.

So you finally took my advice to start a blog. You'll be good at it, and it will great to see pics, and hear about what's going on. The girls already loved looking at it. They thought the shisha dogs (did I spell that right?) were wery cool. Well keep it up and have fun!

Donna said...

Woke up and first thing I did is look at your blog! How great is that! You are always so creative in the way you write. We'll look forward to watching it and see what updates you have posted! Love and miss you all