Friday, December 11, 2009

The Flu bug vs the Boys...

The Jensen household was struck by the mean and nasty H1N1 virus this year. Andrew had it first and it was rough on him; many days of fevers, a sore throat, aches and pain and just being downright miserable. Then, about 1 day after he was finally recovered and back to school, Logan came down with it. Now of course since we are military, getting any immediate help or medicine was basically out of the question though I tried my very best. After 4 days of scary fevers and Logan being more sick than I had ever seen any of my kids be in prior years, I took him BACK to the hospital. After fighting with the Dr. about getting a more indepth look at his lungs they did find that he had pneumonia as a complication of H1N1. Thankfully, it was not too severe but enough to have him admitted to the hospital. The first 12 hours of Logan's stay, he was so out of it that he doesn't even remember any of it.

My Mom was great to take the next flight out to us to help me as we knew that Dana's schedule was not going to allow for much flexiblity to help while Logan was in the hospital. Thanks to her, we have pictures documenting this not-so-fun-and-quite-scary event for our family. So, here is Logan relaxing and finally off the IVs and oxygen and then the next picture is of Joshy visiting Logan in his room.

Hopefully I NEVER have pictures like this to post again...yikes!

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