Saturday, February 21, 2009

Andrew's Blue and Gold

Andrew earned his first Cub Scout awards last week; he was very proud of his accomplishment!
Of course, I am a Scout-newbie and didn't realize I should have my camera so thankfully a great sister in our branch, Fayette Foote, took several shots of Andrew and I while we were up front. Thank you, Fayette!!

Andrew, I am very proud of your hard work. I love you!

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Nago Castle Ruins

Last week, Dana had the day off and the older two boys were in school so the three of us (Josh and Dana and I) took off to check out another site that I had been hearing about. It was apparently a castle ruins site though I didn't see any ruins. What I did see though, was about 650 steps UP a mountain to get up to the ruins (or lack thereof). The best part about this place were the stone lanterns that lined the stairway up the mountain; I love them! So ruins or no ruins, we had a great trip. The weather was perfect, the lanterns were beautiful, the blossoms were vibrant and the leg workout was painful. :)
Lets just get this ugliness out of the way:
Octopus snacks that you could buy from that snack shack at the foot of the mountain. I think I will pass. We did get Josh some fries, but they tasted like fish.

I love the contrast here; blue sky, palm trees and cherry blossoms. Am I in heaven? Very possible.

A panel from the bridge in the picture below.

My little love bug.
Josh running down the path.

The shinto shrine.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Peace Prayer Park Memorial

Peace Prayer Park is a memorial for the Battle of Okinawa
I have been hesistant to go to this place as it is very sacred to the Okinawans and I wasn't sure if it would be the kind of place to bring our family to see. But, on a warm (!!) winter day, the Peterson family decided to join us to brave it. I am so glad we did!

The boys checking out one of the many shrines for us.

There were walls, walls and more walls with names of the fallen. It was sobering. It is so eye opening to see so many names (thousands) listed for one horrible battle.

The Okinawan's had heavy losses themselves. The local people endured such hardship and tragedy; war is a very ugly affair.

The kids looked for any familiar names they could find.

The park was full of beautiful monuments.

It was spacious, simple and serene.

They had a huge museum to display many relics, photos and stories.

Ever tried to get a picture of 6 boys after they have been "reverant" in an outdoor park for about 3 hours. This is what happens. :)

CuTe KiDs!

Just a few everyday pictures of the kids:
Logan and Josh; best friends always (along with a few "tato heads").

Logan and Suzy.
Andrew and Lucy.
Josh and Jake; best buddies all (most) of the time!


Where do the days go?

I blink and two more weeks have gone by without so much as a cute little post; sorry about that.

I have several items to catch up on, but just wanted to post this adorable picture that I found hanging on our front door one evening as I came home from errands. I am the luckiest mom (and wife!) ever.

Logan was the artist. :)