Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why is being a mother to boys so fun? Let me show you!

You just never know what to expect next with little boys. There are times when you are scared to see what they have been up too, but the majority of the time it is sweetness and laughter. I wouldn't change a thing, I love it just the way it is.

So, one day I can't find Josh for a few minutes. Now, this is rare, because the child is glued to my side most of the time (as all my boys have been). I am calling him and looking around the house and can't find him. We had recently purchased a DS and the child has staked his claim on this is HIS or you will pay (death by whining). Games are under strict control and time allowances. Anyway after a frantic few minutes and thinking Josh was either a professional "hide and seeker" or had been lost for good...I found him. Sitting in the bathroom with the lights off having a little personal time. I laughed hard and then reminded him about the game rules. :)

Josh also thinks it is SOOO funny to try and find some, umm...under clothing of mine...and put it on. He can also be found harassing his kind mother (ME!) in the lingere department of a store telling me which bra he wants and "can I please put it on?!" (NOOOO!) I don't know if I should be more disturbed at Josh's love affair with womens' underwear or the fact that one of the cup sizes of my bra is half the size of my son's torso. Yikes. Double Yikes.

Oh, and apparently, these guys are "watching me" to make sure I don't have to go into "time-out." Don't mess with the squishy reptiles.

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Sacramento Air Show

After working a 24 hour shift a month or so ago, Dana indulged us by taking us all to an airshow in Sacramento...we loved it!
You would think that after leaving our last residence we would never want to hear another loud jet again, but we are glutons for (audible) punishment, I guess!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Our ferry ride.

Dana jamming to tunes on the boat (just kidding, it was an audio tour). He looks great though, doesn't he? Love him.

Josh being adorable. Don't grow up, k?

Alcatraz! I am really looking forward to touring this place; I bet it had a thousand stories to tell.

Downtown San Fran. Did I tell you that my van became wedged in Ghiradelli's parking garage? Yeah, it took a beating. Tiny passage way + van= scraped paint. The upside is that it is on the passenger side of the van so I don't ever see it, out of sight out of mind right?!

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A few fun things we have done...

We played in the Air Museum on the base...

We visited the Oakland Zoo, but someone forgot to put any animals there. Seriously. We saw two lions and only because we rode the sky tram right over the top of them. We did pet a nice little sheep. I think we caught a glimpse of some elephant poop. Fun times. :)

We enjoyed the visitors center at the Oakland Temple. It is so nice to go and visit a temple again with the family.

We took a slightly breezy (the wind could have blown Josh off the bow of the boat) and mildly chilly (FREEZING!) ferry under the Golden Gate Bridge. Loved it!

More to come...

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bike Riding!

Let me just note right now that I have no idea what has happened to my picture quality on blogger. My pictures are crisp and nice when I download them, but they are not great when I upload them here onto this blog. Sorry!
But, onto the fun! It has been great to live somewhere that my boys can ride their bikes! It just wasn't that easy in Japan. We lived in an apartment and down below us was a busy street. Bike rides on the seawall were fun but a bit dangerous getting there with all of the traffic.
We can ride our bikes now!

Logan was so proud to finally be able to ride without training wheels. He didn't really have any safe place to practice in Japan, but after an hour out in front of the house he had it down. Yay!!

The Many Faces of Josh...

These pictures were all taken within about a 5 second time frame. Josh is so full of fun personality! He is constantly doing something silly for attention or if that doesn't work he just walks around the house "squeaking" and having us guess as to what he is saying in his new language.

Thanks Josh for making our household just a little more fun!

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Sunday, October 18, 2009


Dana surprised me with a fantastic bouquet of deliciousness for my birthday, the boys and I enjoyed this for days! I will take an edible arrangement of yumminess over flowers any time!
Logan loves to go to his primary class at church. He also loves the process of getting all dressed up to look nice. One Sunday he was up in his room for an extra long time getting ready for church. He finally came downstairs and was so proud of his new look. He had found church pants that were too long (Andrew's) so he figured he would just roll them up and that would work fine. He also found a nice big white shirt (Andrew's again), a tie, belt and church socks. I love this kid (and his brothers of course!).

Andrew doing some reading for homework. I just thought it was cute that he had my watch on his leg to keep track of his time...inventive!

They really did start school...

They started school about two months isn't too late to post 1st day of school pics yet right?

Andrew was feeling the first day jitters and not all that thrilled to get his picture taken. He just wanted to get into the car and get this first day over with! Can't say that I blame him as this is his third elementary to attend and he is just starting third grade this year.

Logan was absolutely thrilled to have his first day of school as a first grader...the boy was beaming.

Joshy started his new preschool a few weeks after the boys were already going to school. He was so excited as he was very much missing his best friends, mom just doesn't have the stamina to play "guys" and "boxing" and "chase" and "swords" like they do...though I am VERY good at playing "dead" on the floor for long periods of time. :)

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