Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tae Kwon Do!

Andrew and Logan have earned a few belts since I last posted. They have both worked hard and have earned their low red (Logan) and high green (Andrew).

I am so proud of them!

They put in several hours of hard work a few times a week and are learning to appreciate the value of striving to reach towards a goal.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Love's of My Life

Joshy just being adorable (as usual).

Logan on his birthday rollerblades; he's 7!

Andrew pitching his first game; I think my heart grew ten sizes just watching him.
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

~Fun at the Flags~

We have season passes to the local Six Flags and they have already been put to the test...a couple times. :)

With all the rides in the park, this is the one Josh wanted to go on again...and again...and again...etc. The only bad part was that a parent (me) had to ride with him...again...and again...and again. My head was spinning for an hour.

Andrew seems to have zero fear of any of the rides at the park. He rode every coaster that he was tall enough to ride (which were several!). It is a good thing Dana loves the thrill rides as I was very happy to just give moral support from the sidelines.

Seconds before I snapped this picture, someone on the sidelines had squirted Dana and the boys with a huge squirt gun just as they floated by the walkway.

Josh's first ride on a roller coaster. He looks...concerned. He loved it. :)
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What would we do without them?

Josh and Grandma Jensen at Six Flags.

Grandma Green taking a bike ride with Andrew and Logan. It had been twenty years since her last bike ride, yet she was willing to do it- thanks Grandma!
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Valentines Day

This year, the kids were excited to get a great big Valentines sugar cookie. They felt loved and full at the same time...I call that a win!

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School Days!

Logan's class celebrated Chinese New Year with a parade this year; here he is happily waving his dragon plate to the crowd.

Joshy being escorted through the crowd, he has somehow become the honorary mascot of the classroom; of course he loves every little bit of attention this brings him.

Family PE night at the school was lots of fun! The kids have a fantastic PE teacher. They played several games with this one being the game "amoeba tag." I am not sure of all the rules but apparently, it is a kid favorite. It consists of scooting around on these boards trying not to be caught by the "ameoba" scooters.

Andrew and his ameoba friend, Angelia. Andrew and Angelia take Tae Kwon Do together (with Logan of course) and were dressed and ready to go to Tae Kwon Do once the PE night was completed.

One of the best things at the kids elementary does, is called "Team Time." It is basically a pep rally held twice a week with dancing, cheering and fun songs; LOGAN LOVES TEAM TIME! It is his favorite part of the school week. I know this picture is blurry, but it is the best of all that I could capture of him. He was having so much fun dancing and jumping around!

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Yep, I am that far behind.
The past several months I have really wondered if having a blog was worth the effort. Now that we aren't in Japan anymore, life just isn't very exciting; it is busy, tiring and stressful, but not exciting.
I really haven't even taken many pictures because I was so far beind in knowing what to do with what i had already taken that I just felt unorganized and cluttered and my psyche just doesn't do well with that. :)
But, I have finally come to realize (after talking to another blogging friend) that if I don't blog now, at least a little, that by the time I have a chance to catch up on all the pics I will never remember all the details of what was going on. So, the blogging will commence!

Joshy playing in the snow for the first time that he actually remembered; he loved it!

We decided to drive to Utah to spend Christmas with had been 7 years since we had been home at Christmastime! Needless to say, the boys loved their time with cousins, grandmas and grandpas; here is Julianne being very well loved on.

We had to do the obligatory picture of the kids on the steps of the St. George Temple. It was a beautiful night and so much fun to see the lights and nativity while listening to Christmas music.

Bear hugs were issued often!

Logan was not feeling well while in Utah, but he was SO anxious to be in the snow. So, we bundled him up to the point that he could barely move and his eyes were just barely peeking out; he loved it and he loved the snow.

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

~Random Sampler~

Logan with jammies filled with stuffed animals. :)

Andrew and Grandma enjoying the ride around Old Town Sacramento.

Logan and the "Captain" on the really cool pirate ship in Old Town. This ship looks just like the you would think a pirate/sailing ship from the 1800's should look. Touring the ship and sailing around one of the nearby ports here is on our "to-do" list while living here.

Andrew caught this fabulous shot of my dad in Old Town...I love it (he will hate it)!

Josh and Logan have come up with a new game at night. They like to see how many stuffed animals they can put in their shirts and/or pants at night while they are "sleeping" in bed. In this particular picture, Josh was so "stuffed" that he couldn't even move! Dana and I had a good chuckle when we removed 7 stuffed animals of various sizes from his shirt. :)

Dana bought me an awesome bike for Christmas! I love it and so does Josh. We are ready for warmer days to be outside and having fun peddling around our neighborhood.

Andrew has developed a love for the game of chess. Thankfully, Dana taught him how to play over the course of a weekend as I couldn't remember all the rules. He is pretty good and Logan is catching on quickly. It is fun to see the boys learn something somewhat difficult so fast and be so proud of themselves.

I know this picture is terribly blurry, but I love it! While my parents were here in November we went to the Science Museum in San Fran; it was incredible! Even though my dad was exhausted, he happily (mostly) complied with Logan's wishes of riding on grandpa's shoulders.

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Tae Kwon Do (and other stuff)!

So, the boys have been taking Tae Kwon Do for about 6 months now and COMPLETELY love it! Their teacher is a Korean man that taught at Berkley for many years and now has his own studio here near the base. At times he is fun and relaxed but other times he is quite serious and will make the kids toe the line. All in all, I am thrilled the kids are enjoying it as much as they do.

They earned their yellow belts a few months ago, and now next week they will be testing for their orange belts-they are excited!

The teacher seems to enjoy the boys as they give it their best effort every time .

And just because I think he is adorable, here is another picture of Josh playing baseball, he was so determined to hit that ball!

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