Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pier 39 Sub Tour

I have no idea what the name of the sub is, but the kids loved it!

Mom, well...not so much. Who knew she was claustrophobic.

Josh seemed to be particularly happy down there in the kitchen.

1 item on our "things to do while we live in the area" list has now been checked off...1 down, 1000 to go. Think we will get them all done?!

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Jelly Belly

Ok, so this is not a very exciting post, but it IS a post.
Oh, and the buttered popcorn jelly belly is the one and only flavor that really matters.
The End.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Birthday Boys!

Yep, still catching up!

This summer, my three boys celebrated their birthdays. It was fun to be with family and have them all feel so special!

Logan turned 6 this year, I can't believe how fast he is growing up (STOP!). A few of my favorite things about Logan:
*He is the "glue" that holds the brothers together. Logan is both Andrew's and Josh's bestfriend and they would both be lost without him.
*He is his dad all over again, in EVERY way...of course I love this.
*He loves to snuggle with mom and have his back tickled. We love to watch movies this way.
*He LOVES fruit and vegetables; I will not be suprised if he evolves into a vegetarian someday.
*He loves art projects and writing/drawing.
*He loves to sing and go to primary.
*He needs food every 2 hours and LOTS of sleep to be a fully functioning and happy little boy.
*He loves school and all the learning that goes with it.

Andrew is 9 this year...yikes! When did I say that my first born could get so old? Here are a few things about Andrew:
*He is all about science-yes, ALL about science.
*He LOVES to play sports and generally does really well.
*He loves computer games and talks tactic and strategy with his dad (all of which I have no idea what they are saying).
*He has a heart of pure gold, but sometimes it is bossy-to-little-brothers pure gold.
*He rarely disobeys, and if he does it is because he genuinely forgot the rule.
*He always tries to CTR.
*He cannot resist jumping in the middle of a hug mom and dad are giving each other...his eyes twinkle with anticipation and it is his happy place, right in the middle.
*He thinks music with the electric guitar and drums is "really cool." Thanks to the 80's we can all enjoy some "really cool" music.

Joshy is all of 4 this year but is SURE that he is really 10. MUST.STOP.GROWING.
*He is a complete want drama? He is always willing to provide.
*He is down-right funny and has us all laughing on a daily basis.
*He loves to be with his brothers and is completely lost without them.
*He is Mr. Social and talks to everyone-EVERYONE.
*He has very animated discussions between his stuffed animals on a daily basis.
*He could live on "chicken tenders, fries and ketchup" (but doesn't).
*He thinks Andrew's DS is his and will battle for it.
*He LOVES to be the "baby" and milks that position in the family. We love it (usually).
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Friday, September 11, 2009

A little hard work...

Who says a little hard work never hurt anyone? Mom, that's who!

Our back yard was really just a big dirt and weed fest when we first moved into our home (we have grass now). Sadly, my boys really don't know the value of hard work. Sure, I have them do chores IN the house but in Okinawa we lived in a nice apartment on the ocean that didn't require work.

But, moving into our new home their have been LOTS of "fun" opportunities for work.

Sure, they were excited to use the rake...

and the shovel the FIRST time...
But, it didn't take long for the novelty of "hard work" to wear off. *wink*
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Summer Re-cap

We DID have a great summer...let me show you a few of the activities the boys did:

Rock climbing at the Washington Rec Center; the boys loved it! The first time they climbed, they were intimidated and didn't think they could get all the way to the top...but, they did it! They were so proud of themselves.

What summer would be complete without baseball? They played on a small city league in Enoch Utah and had a blast. It was low key and just plain fun. Most nights, the kids used pizza boxes for bases and tennis balls to hit-love it!

Andrew getting in a great hit!

Logan was so much more confident this year. He hit, he ran and he would field the balls for all his worth. I was very proud of his accomplishments and improvements.

Run boy, RUN!

My sister in law, Alisha, talked me into doing a Biggest Loser bootcamp this summer with Filipe and Sione (sp?). Honestly, I just wasn't in the mood to have my butt kicked and really didn't want to do it, but Alisha talked me into it and I am SO GLAD she did. It was fun, painful and exhausting. We learned a lot and had a great time. The cute little girls in the picture are 3 of my nieces that came to support Alisha and I on our last work-out night. Thanks Alisha!

Yes, I realize I look completely wiped out...and I was exactly that.

We had LOTS of fun cousin time. The boys missed their cousins so much while we were in Japan and now I think they miss them even more since we have come to California. The kids had a great time on the farm, at the pool, at the park, in the mountains and everywhere inbetween.

Logan is a born fisherman. This is his "I am deleriously happy" smile.

Joshy loved the fishing as well...though he is dangerous with that hook while casting.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back Online!

It's hard you know, to say goodbye to a land you love, to people you adore and to a culture that you have come to admire.
It has been SO LONG since my last post. It has taken me this long to finally feel a bit settled and into the "groove." It has been a whirlwind! The first month back we spent with family in Utah trying to reaquaint ourselves with loved ones. The second month we unpacked boxes, painted, moved furniture around and back and put in a backyard. And now the third? Well, the third is shaping up to be just as busy with the boys back in school, Scouts, TaeKwonDo and tracking down dad in the hospital for our Thursday night family dinner date in the cafeteria.
I also did a very baaad thing this summer...I didn't take pictures. Why? I am not even sure. I think I was just out of sorts and trying to find my place again in the family. Anyway, I have repented of my slothfulness and once again will have my camera with me at all (ok, most) times.
So, I have LOTS of small items to catch up on with the blog; but for now, I will post the last of my favorite pics from our last few days in Japan.
Joshy running at the beach. It took two years, but he finally overcame his fear of the crashing waves and rising tide and would run and play in the water with the best of them.

We had to find sleep where (and when) ever we could get it. Have I mentioned that making an across the planet move is exhausting? Well, it is. We were grateful to those who had us for dinner, helped us with the last of the packing, came and said their goodbyes and most of all to the Deaver family that allowed us to bunk with them for a week. We love you (even though you won't ever read this) and miss you terribly.

This was the Shisa I passed everymorning while walking my kids to the bus. I miss it.

Josh and I took a last walk to "our" vending machine for our favorite drink, peach water! Happily, Josh and I have found that propel's mango/tangerine water taste just about the same so all is well in the world.

Did I mention that they had to use a crane to get the stuff OUT of our apartment? They didn't need one to get the items in...just out. Apparently, the elevator had shrunk in size in the two years we lived there. Josh and I camped out and watched the crane while I inwardly chanted "don't drop that...don't drop that....DON"T DROP THAT!" a hundred times while watching my favorite purchased asian antiques be lowered to the ground. I am happy to report that the Okinawan movers are magic and not ONE ITEM was broken.

We miss you Okinawa!

But, on to another life...another adventure...and in the end, what I know will become another tearful goodbye when we eventually leave our home here.

I have lots to update you on, so stay tuned I will be back online...soon!