Saturday, January 30, 2010

~Random Sampler~

Logan with jammies filled with stuffed animals. :)

Andrew and Grandma enjoying the ride around Old Town Sacramento.

Logan and the "Captain" on the really cool pirate ship in Old Town. This ship looks just like the you would think a pirate/sailing ship from the 1800's should look. Touring the ship and sailing around one of the nearby ports here is on our "to-do" list while living here.

Andrew caught this fabulous shot of my dad in Old Town...I love it (he will hate it)!

Josh and Logan have come up with a new game at night. They like to see how many stuffed animals they can put in their shirts and/or pants at night while they are "sleeping" in bed. In this particular picture, Josh was so "stuffed" that he couldn't even move! Dana and I had a good chuckle when we removed 7 stuffed animals of various sizes from his shirt. :)

Dana bought me an awesome bike for Christmas! I love it and so does Josh. We are ready for warmer days to be outside and having fun peddling around our neighborhood.

Andrew has developed a love for the game of chess. Thankfully, Dana taught him how to play over the course of a weekend as I couldn't remember all the rules. He is pretty good and Logan is catching on quickly. It is fun to see the boys learn something somewhat difficult so fast and be so proud of themselves.

I know this picture is terribly blurry, but I love it! While my parents were here in November we went to the Science Museum in San Fran; it was incredible! Even though my dad was exhausted, he happily (mostly) complied with Logan's wishes of riding on grandpa's shoulders.

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Tae Kwon Do (and other stuff)!

So, the boys have been taking Tae Kwon Do for about 6 months now and COMPLETELY love it! Their teacher is a Korean man that taught at Berkley for many years and now has his own studio here near the base. At times he is fun and relaxed but other times he is quite serious and will make the kids toe the line. All in all, I am thrilled the kids are enjoying it as much as they do.

They earned their yellow belts a few months ago, and now next week they will be testing for their orange belts-they are excited!

The teacher seems to enjoy the boys as they give it their best effort every time .

And just because I think he is adorable, here is another picture of Josh playing baseball, he was so determined to hit that ball!

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Yep, it has been FOREVER! So, let me catch you up on a few happenings from the past couple of months.

In November, my parents came to visit us in our new home; we had such a great time! We decided to tour Old Town Sacramento and here are just a few of the pictures we took:

I think Andrew must have been inspired by his dad's stories about eating "bugs and such" while in Thailand because he ate his first chocolate covered bug while in a candy store in Old Town. We were all a bit grossed out but his little chest swelled with pride because his little brothers were too scared to do it themselves.

Grandpa played baseball with Josh. Josh worked very hard for his few hits and loved every minute of it!

We took a horse drawn carriage ride through Old Town and loved seeing all the sights up front and personal.

Mom and Dad are always great sports to see and do as much as possible while they are here; we always have great fun! It is such a blessing to live this "close" (15 hour drive) to family as I am sure this is the closest we will be for many years.

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