Thursday, January 29, 2009

Neo Park

So, I am not really a fan of Neo Park. It is dirty. It is stinky. I am scared that myself or someone in my family is going to contract avian flu. The birds are NOT afraid of me (this is not a plus in my book)! For some crazy reason my boys like to go there though. So, we went for the second and very last time a few weeks ago.
Other than feeling like I had to burn our clothes, lysol the bottom of our shoes and scrub our hands until they were raw, we had a splendid time (for the last time).

Obviously, they have a lot of birds. This one looks all calm and snuggly but just look at that evil eye.

Josh has his "puncher" ready just in case one of these monsters decide to attack. Save 10 years of your life by NOT bringing bread into the park. The birds really really want that bread. Now. And your hand too.

The park does have very old and very slow tortoises that you can ride. I like them. I can run faster than they do. They don't want to eat me or my children. They can stay.

They also have a very confused warthog piglet that is trying to nurse a dog. A strange dog that couldn't seem to get its tongue back into its all. I think the birds must have got to him.

Ok, so the piglet was confused but also cute. My kids are often confused and cute at the same time, so I am ok with the warthog.

Squid on a stick anyone?

A day {in December!} at Zampa.

I had forgotten that I had taken some pictures of the boys and the Deaver family on a gorgeous winter day at Zampa in December. I guess it goes to show that the blog has been neglected when I find cute pictures that I didn't bother to share.
Here is my Joshy. I can't believe he is getting so big. What happened to my baby? As much as he is growing up he does like to remind me that he is still a baby when I tell him to stop sucking his thumb. "But, I a baby Mom, its ok!" he says. He always wins that conversation.
Here he is again breaking out into dance (Tooty-Ta) on the beach.

My sweet Logan. My boy that LOVES homework, playing with my hair, getting his 12 hours of sleep at night and being with his brothers. He is the glue that holds my three musketeers together.

Andrew: my Scientist, Chef and Doctor all rolled into one. He is either talking about a new science experiment he wants to do, thinking of food that he want to cook with me (this weekend he wants gingerbread cookies and gyoza), or reading books about the body and how it works.

This is Lucy and Suzy, my adopted daughters. I love them very much (as do my boys) and will miss them when we leave. But, lets not talk about that now (there is not any chocolate in the house so sad things must not be discussed!).

The Deaver family asked me to snap a couple family pictures of them for their Christmas cards this year. It was an extremely bright and beautiful day. The light was harsh but we made do.
Love them.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A conversation I overheard today between these two boys:
Logan (as he is giving Andrew a hug): "I love you so much Andrew"
Andrew (hugging Logan back): " Oh, thank you Logan, that was nice."
Logan: "Andrew, when you grow up big and go on a mission, I am really going to miss you."
(Mom starts to suddenly have tears gushing out of her eyes)
Andrew: "I know, but don't worry it won't be for a long time."
Logan: "Ok, thats good."
Could a mother be more blessed? I don't think so.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I Spy A...

Today was a gorgeous warm and sunny day, so after school the boys and I walked to the beach and out along the reef as it was low tide. We went farther than we ever had before and found a perfect spot to see through the crystal clear water many (I am guessing at least 8) feet below.
I had the boys lay on their bellies on the wet and slimy green mossy stuff that grows on top of the coral and then peer down into the water. This is what we saw (I did not take any of these pics):
The Blue Damsel fish; I love these! They are always caught in the tide pools and are just the most beautiful color of blue that I have ever seen.

We then saw two Lion fish. I was shocked (not literally)! I have never seen these before and never expected too. As far as I knew, they were a deeper water fish; not today.

6, yes count them, 6 adorable Puffer fish! I love these. Not enough to touch them of course but they have very cute faces for fish. When they are not puffed up, they have adorable fat and happy lips.

And one I really don't like, the trumpet fish. This fish is just plain creepy. They are really loooong and thin with weird mouths that look like they want to eat you. They glide and slices their way through the water, ick.

We will miss this island and the beauty that seems to lurk around every corner and just a few feet down in the ocean.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Slides and Flowers...

It is 2:00 a.m. and I can't sleep, so I might as well blog right?

We found a new (to us) park and thought we should explore. Josh is a bit intimidated by the massive slides (smart boy) and stays close to mom.

The older boys on the other hand, have no fear of trying out the "drop slide." Notice that Josh was brave enough to "peek" over the edge but that was it.

With this slide the boys have to climb to the top, hang on the over-head bar and then do an amost free fall until they reach the curvature of the slide. Yay, they love it!

Here we are at the botanical gardens again checking out the massive hibiscus. I love this picture of Logan because he has some crazy facial expressions most of the time in front of the camera; something to do with the anticipation of the flash.

Anyway, he did great in this one! Yay!

Joshy and the huge flower. No, he didn't scrape his head, it is a birthmark (he needs to wear a sign stating this).

Logan loving the "elephant ear" leaves.

Aww, there is my photogenic kid! The bamboo forests are tranquil and beautiful.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Still Playing Catch-up...Christmas Morning

Is it to late to wish you all a Happy New Year!?
Here are the boys in their new "ninja" pjs that they opened on Christmas Eve; they love 'em!

Joshy was the only one who wasn't tearing into his stocking before I could get a picture; such a patient boy (really?).

I have a bazillion (as Logan would say) pictures of the kids with different presents, but I thought I would just put one of each child up here. Here is Andrew with his new Pokemon cards. I have no clue how the game is played but apparently, it is serious stuff on the bus.

Logan was THRILLED to have a new Optimus Prime costume. After this picture was taken he took off the beloved ninja jammies and put on the costume and then kept it on for the next two days until I forced him to take a bath. :)

Joshy's new love. If Santa hadn't brought him his "Big Optimus" then all faith in any Christmas magic would have been completely shattered.
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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Eve and the Botanical Garden

If you can't go to Temple Square to see the lights nor can you look out your living room window to find any (Christmas is not BIG in Okinawa) then where do you go? The Botanical Garden! Ok, so I am not sure if I saw even a picture of Santa anywhere, but we did see some amazing displays of Christmas lights. Who knew that Christmas lights make beautiful scenes of coral reef, fish, flowers and water spouts?

We shared a "footlong" (the inch scale must be much larger here on the island) hotdog for Christmas Eve dinner...oh, the deliciousness of it.

We checked out the lights...look a reef!

Found Nemo and Marlin

Lots of flowers

And three adorable boys.
We then sat and watched a laser and fireworks show on the lawn.
Fun to be had by all!

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