Thursday, January 29, 2009

Neo Park

So, I am not really a fan of Neo Park. It is dirty. It is stinky. I am scared that myself or someone in my family is going to contract avian flu. The birds are NOT afraid of me (this is not a plus in my book)! For some crazy reason my boys like to go there though. So, we went for the second and very last time a few weeks ago.
Other than feeling like I had to burn our clothes, lysol the bottom of our shoes and scrub our hands until they were raw, we had a splendid time (for the last time).

Obviously, they have a lot of birds. This one looks all calm and snuggly but just look at that evil eye.

Josh has his "puncher" ready just in case one of these monsters decide to attack. Save 10 years of your life by NOT bringing bread into the park. The birds really really want that bread. Now. And your hand too.

The park does have very old and very slow tortoises that you can ride. I like them. I can run faster than they do. They don't want to eat me or my children. They can stay.

They also have a very confused warthog piglet that is trying to nurse a dog. A strange dog that couldn't seem to get its tongue back into its all. I think the birds must have got to him.

Ok, so the piglet was confused but also cute. My kids are often confused and cute at the same time, so I am ok with the warthog.

Squid on a stick anyone?


DGreen said...

I'm so relieved you didn't share that experience with me! Love the pics of the boys and Katy and the girls are so cute!

alisa said...

This post was hilarious! You crack me up and I can so relate with you! Jeanne called the other day....I am so glad you were able to meet! I just love her! Hope you are well! Love ya!

Angie said...

This post is so cute! I love that little warthog ... he's so cute! We still have not made it to Neo Park but this certainly gives me more incentive to visit!

Amie said...

I'll pass on the squid on a stick. No thanks. Neo Park isn't my favorite place, but when your kids love something so much. . . mine, too, love that place and all the cute puppies and pigs. The birds, however, are not a family favorite.