Friday, January 16, 2009

I Spy A...

Today was a gorgeous warm and sunny day, so after school the boys and I walked to the beach and out along the reef as it was low tide. We went farther than we ever had before and found a perfect spot to see through the crystal clear water many (I am guessing at least 8) feet below.
I had the boys lay on their bellies on the wet and slimy green mossy stuff that grows on top of the coral and then peer down into the water. This is what we saw (I did not take any of these pics):
The Blue Damsel fish; I love these! They are always caught in the tide pools and are just the most beautiful color of blue that I have ever seen.

We then saw two Lion fish. I was shocked (not literally)! I have never seen these before and never expected too. As far as I knew, they were a deeper water fish; not today.

6, yes count them, 6 adorable Puffer fish! I love these. Not enough to touch them of course but they have very cute faces for fish. When they are not puffed up, they have adorable fat and happy lips.

And one I really don't like, the trumpet fish. This fish is just plain creepy. They are really loooong and thin with weird mouths that look like they want to eat you. They glide and slices their way through the water, ick.

We will miss this island and the beauty that seems to lurk around every corner and just a few feet down in the ocean.


mehta said...

Nice Picture.
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Miriam said...

WOW...How fun to live on the beach and see such wonderful things in the water.

Jamie Lamb said...

Those are just way to cool! And walking on the beach in January...I am jealous!

Angie said...

What cool fish! Isn't it amazing to think we live on an island with beautiful beaches and a reef of those amazing "nemo" fish?

Ramona Jensen said...

How lucky you are to have spent some on the "tropical island" as Andrew would say to me. It is very beautiful.

How lucky we are to have you all in our family. We are so tickled to have you coming home soon.