Thursday, January 29, 2009

A day {in December!} at Zampa.

I had forgotten that I had taken some pictures of the boys and the Deaver family on a gorgeous winter day at Zampa in December. I guess it goes to show that the blog has been neglected when I find cute pictures that I didn't bother to share.
Here is my Joshy. I can't believe he is getting so big. What happened to my baby? As much as he is growing up he does like to remind me that he is still a baby when I tell him to stop sucking his thumb. "But, I a baby Mom, its ok!" he says. He always wins that conversation.
Here he is again breaking out into dance (Tooty-Ta) on the beach.

My sweet Logan. My boy that LOVES homework, playing with my hair, getting his 12 hours of sleep at night and being with his brothers. He is the glue that holds my three musketeers together.

Andrew: my Scientist, Chef and Doctor all rolled into one. He is either talking about a new science experiment he wants to do, thinking of food that he want to cook with me (this weekend he wants gingerbread cookies and gyoza), or reading books about the body and how it works.

This is Lucy and Suzy, my adopted daughters. I love them very much (as do my boys) and will miss them when we leave. But, lets not talk about that now (there is not any chocolate in the house so sad things must not be discussed!).

The Deaver family asked me to snap a couple family pictures of them for their Christmas cards this year. It was an extremely bright and beautiful day. The light was harsh but we made do.
Love them.


Angie said...

Cathryn, your pictures are beautiful! You know, you could go into business as a photographer!

Your boys are sweet as always and what a beautiful day! The girls look so adorable and the family shot is awesome!

The McMillans said...

Cathryn, you are very talented, and so insightful. Your boys are so cute!!! We must get together some day. I need to meet you and your family!


This is Jen, Very cute girls Cathryn!

Anonymous said...

You take AWESOME pictures. I love your blog hope you don't mind if he glance at it every know and then