Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A conversation I overheard today between these two boys:
Logan (as he is giving Andrew a hug): "I love you so much Andrew"
Andrew (hugging Logan back): " Oh, thank you Logan, that was nice."
Logan: "Andrew, when you grow up big and go on a mission, I am really going to miss you."
(Mom starts to suddenly have tears gushing out of her eyes)
Andrew: "I know, but don't worry it won't be for a long time."
Logan: "Ok, thats good."
Could a mother be more blessed? I don't think so.


alisa said...

Ahhhh.....gotta love those moments! That is so tender. What sweet boys you have!


Last night the neighbor boy just came home from his mission. I remeber when this kid was 10 years old. Thats not much older than Andrew. It won't be as long as you or he thinks.
But I just have to ask, do your boys ever fight? They seem to perfect, but so sweet!!!! Miss you guys!!!

Jamie Lamb said...

How precious! I love the pictures. That is how I remember your boys. They are growing too fast!

The AZ McMillans said...

Oh that is just so sweet! I love it when they get along and love each other.

Ramona Jensen said...

Oh Cathryn....blessed is the word.

You really know how to get the tears flowing from the family.

Each boy is absolutely so special and unique and yes very sweet.


This is Jenn, wow you almost got me crying! HOw sweet.

Amie said...

Cute post, Cathryn. It was fun to get together at the play place. My kids had so much fun. We need to get together more often while we can! Hope you're enjoying this beautiful day. I'm off to take a little nap.

Laighton and Katie said...

Your boys are so sweet. We miss you guys. Looks like you are doing great and enjoying life. Stay in touch.