Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Eve and the Botanical Garden

If you can't go to Temple Square to see the lights nor can you look out your living room window to find any (Christmas is not BIG in Okinawa) then where do you go? The Botanical Garden! Ok, so I am not sure if I saw even a picture of Santa anywhere, but we did see some amazing displays of Christmas lights. Who knew that Christmas lights make beautiful scenes of coral reef, fish, flowers and water spouts?

We shared a "footlong" (the inch scale must be much larger here on the island) hotdog for Christmas Eve dinner...oh, the deliciousness of it.

We checked out the lights...look a reef!

Found Nemo and Marlin

Lots of flowers

And three adorable boys.
We then sat and watched a laser and fireworks show on the lawn.
Fun to be had by all!

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DGreen said...

I can just imagine how beautiful it all was! The boys are getting big.

Angie said...

Oh Cathryn ... this had to be so cool! We debated long and hard about going but thought we'd wait until next year. I bet it was so beautiful .... your pictures look amazing. Your boys are so cute! And the footlong ... that, alone, is reason to go! :)

Jennifer said...

That looks fun!

Ramona Jensen said...

Was I really there? Yes!

It was amazing. The best part was to be there with all of you.

I am a "bit" sad to be home.

Love to you all.

Amie said...

Wow! That is the longest footlong hot dog I have ever seen! Looks like fun.