Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Birthday Boys!

Yep, still catching up!

This summer, my three boys celebrated their birthdays. It was fun to be with family and have them all feel so special!

Logan turned 6 this year, I can't believe how fast he is growing up (STOP!). A few of my favorite things about Logan:
*He is the "glue" that holds the brothers together. Logan is both Andrew's and Josh's bestfriend and they would both be lost without him.
*He is his dad all over again, in EVERY way...of course I love this.
*He loves to snuggle with mom and have his back tickled. We love to watch movies this way.
*He LOVES fruit and vegetables; I will not be suprised if he evolves into a vegetarian someday.
*He loves art projects and writing/drawing.
*He loves to sing and go to primary.
*He needs food every 2 hours and LOTS of sleep to be a fully functioning and happy little boy.
*He loves school and all the learning that goes with it.

Andrew is 9 this year...yikes! When did I say that my first born could get so old? Here are a few things about Andrew:
*He is all about science-yes, ALL about science.
*He LOVES to play sports and generally does really well.
*He loves computer games and talks tactic and strategy with his dad (all of which I have no idea what they are saying).
*He has a heart of pure gold, but sometimes it is bossy-to-little-brothers pure gold.
*He rarely disobeys, and if he does it is because he genuinely forgot the rule.
*He always tries to CTR.
*He cannot resist jumping in the middle of a hug mom and dad are giving each other...his eyes twinkle with anticipation and it is his happy place, right in the middle.
*He thinks music with the electric guitar and drums is "really cool." Thanks to the 80's we can all enjoy some "really cool" music.

Joshy is all of 4 this year but is SURE that he is really 10. MUST.STOP.GROWING.
*He is a complete character...you want drama? He is always willing to provide.
*He is down-right funny and has us all laughing on a daily basis.
*He loves to be with his brothers and is completely lost without them.
*He is Mr. Social and talks to everyone-EVERYONE.
*He has very animated discussions between his stuffed animals on a daily basis.
*He could live on "chicken tenders, fries and ketchup" (but doesn't).
*He thinks Andrew's DS is his and will battle for it.
*He LOVES to be the "baby" and milks that position in the family. We love it (usually).
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Angie said...

Happy birthday to all your boys! We sure miss you guys around here! I miss the smiling faces in primary, or Josh volunteering to come up and help me every time I asked! You've got yourself some really good boys!

Natalie said...

What cuites! How fun to have all their birthdays in the summer. Are they liking your new place and adjusting well? I can't imagine a move from over-seas! Yikes! When Paden turned 9, we realized almost half his time living at home with us was over. SAD! They do grow up too fast!

The Shirleys said...

YOur boys really are cute! We have enjoyed getting to know them better. They are a joy to have in primary!

Angie said...

Awww... they are just precious, Cathryn. I've said this before, but it never hurts to say it again ... having wonderful parents makes for good children. You and Dana rule!! :)

Happy belated birthday to your boys. Enjoy every morsel of them ... I'm in the same boat as you ... "How did they get so big?".

Doesn't it seem like time used to DRAG by, but now that we have kids it's a blink of the eye?
Love you, Cathryn and miss you lots!


(this is jen) Aww, cute. I love you guys!!!!!!!!