Sunday, September 6, 2009

Summer Re-cap

We DID have a great summer...let me show you a few of the activities the boys did:

Rock climbing at the Washington Rec Center; the boys loved it! The first time they climbed, they were intimidated and didn't think they could get all the way to the top...but, they did it! They were so proud of themselves.

What summer would be complete without baseball? They played on a small city league in Enoch Utah and had a blast. It was low key and just plain fun. Most nights, the kids used pizza boxes for bases and tennis balls to hit-love it!

Andrew getting in a great hit!

Logan was so much more confident this year. He hit, he ran and he would field the balls for all his worth. I was very proud of his accomplishments and improvements.

Run boy, RUN!

My sister in law, Alisha, talked me into doing a Biggest Loser bootcamp this summer with Filipe and Sione (sp?). Honestly, I just wasn't in the mood to have my butt kicked and really didn't want to do it, but Alisha talked me into it and I am SO GLAD she did. It was fun, painful and exhausting. We learned a lot and had a great time. The cute little girls in the picture are 3 of my nieces that came to support Alisha and I on our last work-out night. Thanks Alisha!

Yes, I realize I look completely wiped out...and I was exactly that.

We had LOTS of fun cousin time. The boys missed their cousins so much while we were in Japan and now I think they miss them even more since we have come to California. The kids had a great time on the farm, at the pool, at the park, in the mountains and everywhere inbetween.

Logan is a born fisherman. This is his "I am deleriously happy" smile.

Joshy loved the fishing as well...though he is dangerous with that hook while casting.


Anonymous said...

You boys have grown so much since the last time you were on line. You look good keep up the blogging.

The Shirleys said...

I love the fishing pictures. It reminds me of going fishing in mountain lakes/ponds with my dad.

YOu are brave, I wouldn't turn Bradley loose with a really hook to cast!


It was a great summer!!! We love you guys and miss you lots!!!!

The Fabulous Fordham 5 said...

hey there!! Yes, we are blog stockers!! :) Glad you had a safe move!! It looks like you guys had a great summer!! I'm so jealous you got to meet my to fav's from Biggest Loser!! Send me your email address to and I'll send ya an invite to our family blog.
Michelle and Jared Fordham :)

Amy said...

Hey Cathryn! I have been peeking at your blog via Dave and Heather's. Your family is so adorable and I love to see all the many things you guys have been up to! I would love to invite you to see our family blog (it's private). Send me your e-mail if you're interested: It's good to see you back on US soil! We can't wait until we are too! Hope to hear from you soon! Amy