Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bike Riding!

Let me just note right now that I have no idea what has happened to my picture quality on blogger. My pictures are crisp and nice when I download them, but they are not great when I upload them here onto this blog. Sorry!
But, onto the fun! It has been great to live somewhere that my boys can ride their bikes! It just wasn't that easy in Japan. We lived in an apartment and down below us was a busy street. Bike rides on the seawall were fun but a bit dangerous getting there with all of the traffic.
We can ride our bikes now!

Logan was so proud to finally be able to ride without training wheels. He didn't really have any safe place to practice in Japan, but after an hour out in front of the house he had it down. Yay!!


DGreen said...

Great Boys we love them!

Amy said...

It looks so warm where you are! We are SO jealous as we bundle up in our winter gear each morning to go to school! Winter lasts such a long time here! Enjoy the warmth!

The Shirleys said...

This is a great area to ride. Bradley has recently decided he loves to ride his bike too. We may have to come ride your boys since I am not up to riding with Bradley these days.