Monday, October 26, 2009

Our ferry ride.

Dana jamming to tunes on the boat (just kidding, it was an audio tour). He looks great though, doesn't he? Love him.

Josh being adorable. Don't grow up, k?

Alcatraz! I am really looking forward to touring this place; I bet it had a thousand stories to tell.

Downtown San Fran. Did I tell you that my van became wedged in Ghiradelli's parking garage? Yeah, it took a beating. Tiny passage way + van= scraped paint. The upside is that it is on the passenger side of the van so I don't ever see it, out of sight out of mind right?!

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Jamie Lamb said...

Alcatraz is a very interesting place. It sounds like you guys have been doing wonderful things since you moved to California.

alisa said...

I love San Fran!! One of my favorite places! I think the one thing we learned from living overseas was to enjoy EVERY place you go! We have seen more of SC living here this time....after our overseas assignment! You guys do so many fun trips with your family!!!