Sunday, October 18, 2009


Dana surprised me with a fantastic bouquet of deliciousness for my birthday, the boys and I enjoyed this for days! I will take an edible arrangement of yumminess over flowers any time!
Logan loves to go to his primary class at church. He also loves the process of getting all dressed up to look nice. One Sunday he was up in his room for an extra long time getting ready for church. He finally came downstairs and was so proud of his new look. He had found church pants that were too long (Andrew's) so he figured he would just roll them up and that would work fine. He also found a nice big white shirt (Andrew's again), a tie, belt and church socks. I love this kid (and his brothers of course!).

Andrew doing some reading for homework. I just thought it was cute that he had my watch on his leg to keep track of his time...inventive!


Sarah Buma said...

These are the moments that make you grin! Cute boys! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! I miss you!


Yummy! that looks great! ;) jenn

The Shirleys said...

Happy Birthday! How did I miss that? I agree that arangment does look very good. Especially the chocolate covered fruit!! Dana is the man!