Sunday, October 18, 2009

They really did start school...

They started school about two months isn't too late to post 1st day of school pics yet right?

Andrew was feeling the first day jitters and not all that thrilled to get his picture taken. He just wanted to get into the car and get this first day over with! Can't say that I blame him as this is his third elementary to attend and he is just starting third grade this year.

Logan was absolutely thrilled to have his first day of school as a first grader...the boy was beaming.

Joshy started his new preschool a few weeks after the boys were already going to school. He was so excited as he was very much missing his best friends, mom just doesn't have the stamina to play "guys" and "boxing" and "chase" and "swords" like they do...though I am VERY good at playing "dead" on the floor for long periods of time. :)

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