Friday, February 13, 2009

Nago Castle Ruins

Last week, Dana had the day off and the older two boys were in school so the three of us (Josh and Dana and I) took off to check out another site that I had been hearing about. It was apparently a castle ruins site though I didn't see any ruins. What I did see though, was about 650 steps UP a mountain to get up to the ruins (or lack thereof). The best part about this place were the stone lanterns that lined the stairway up the mountain; I love them! So ruins or no ruins, we had a great trip. The weather was perfect, the lanterns were beautiful, the blossoms were vibrant and the leg workout was painful. :)
Lets just get this ugliness out of the way:
Octopus snacks that you could buy from that snack shack at the foot of the mountain. I think I will pass. We did get Josh some fries, but they tasted like fish.

I love the contrast here; blue sky, palm trees and cherry blossoms. Am I in heaven? Very possible.

A panel from the bridge in the picture below.

My little love bug.
Josh running down the path.

The shinto shrine.


Felis said...

Cathryn, I have to tell you that I love your blog!!! You have so dang much talent! And such a wonderful sense of humor. The way you word things makes me smile. Your family is absolutely adorable, you done great kid. ;) And Japan is gorgeous, I never knew.

Angie said...

Wasn't this just beautiful? You did a great job and went on a beautiful day! Ummmm, the octopus treats? - no thank you. :)

Christie said...

I love all these pictures you put on your blog of Japan. Since it's a place we'll probably never get to visit, it's fascinating to see pictures. One thing I never thought I'd see would be "snacks" of octopus. Wow. I would have passed those up too. :)