Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pizza in the Sky

So, lets talk about food...really really good food. On the northern tip of the island there is a wonderful cafe' called Pizza in the Sky. You either have to have pure luck to stumble across the place OR have someone take you the first time because it is not an easy place to find! This is the sign for the cafe'.

The salad is absolutely delicious. It is full of crispy vegetables and a tangy-garlicky dressing that is so refreshing it is hard to resist not slurping any remnants from the bottom of the bowl. This salad is large enough to share but Dana and I like to order one each (remember how good that dressing is? So good, that you don't want to share!).

The owner/chef is said to have perfected this pizza in France. It is so yummy. A light and chewy crust perfectly complimented by the unique pizza sauce. I say unique because I have never had such a tasty pizza sauce on any other pizza!

The view is so amazing from the lawn of the cafe'. A customer can either eat inside or outside on the picnic style tables (our favorite)and enjoy the gorgeous sunset (see Flickr picture on the side of the blog)or look out across the sea to Ie island. Lovely!


Donna said...

Yummmm perhaps I'll make a trip to Okinawa for Pizza, how unique! The view is incredible. Thanks for sharing!

Greg & Tacie said...

I'm jealous of the adventures you are having! The pictures are awesome and it sounds like so much fun.