Monday, February 11, 2008

Okinawa World - some highlights!

One of my favorite sites at Okinawa World was the cultural dance they put on for us; it was incredible! When this creature came running full speed out of the curtain and straight at us I thought Josh and Logan were going to have a heart attack. They were both trying to climb inside my shirt, under my arms and behind me as fast as they could while being the protective mom that I am, was trying to get them behind me so that I could snap some great pictures! The boys were scared but mom was excited!

I finally was able to convince at least Logan that this was just a costume when the Shisa decided to start "eating" the audience...that didn't go over so well with my poor sheltered boys. It came right up to the woman infront of us and "ate" her and the boys could see that someone was inside the Shisa...*whew* crisis averted!

Nevertheless, I am afraid this is what they saw in their dreams that night...spooky, yes? Still cool? YES!

They also did a fantastic drumming dance called, hmm...let me Wikipedia this to make sure I get the spelling right...Eisa. It is lovely, energetic and colorful!

Andrew volunteered to be part of the program and learned how to use a simple instrument. The many Japanese tour groups at the performance were snapping pictures as fast as they could of the "cute little American boy" on stage. The boys are getting used to posing for random pictures when we are "out and about."


Joelle said...

Hey, I don't think we have a post on Okinawa World on the OkiHai website -- would you write one up and email it to me to post??

Let me know! --Joelle

Cathryn said...

Sure, I would love too!

The Caldwells said...

Love Okinawa World!! It was so much fun. We couldn't get our kids near the snakes though!! They both hung back while mom and dad did it!! I hope its ok, I added your blog link to my blog!

Cathryn said...

Of course it is ok! There was no way in heck I was getting near the snakes. In fact, I didnt even go into the Habu way -no how!