Monday, February 18, 2008

The Cottage

We rented a cottage up at Orra Wan for the weekend and I don't think the boys could have been more excited. A beach for a front yard and actual grass for a back yard. YAY! After living in an apartment, I don't think we will take for granted a yard again.

The highlight of the day was building sand "castles" right at the edge of the water and seeing how long they could last against the waves crashing in on them.

All of the boys (including dad) became quite innovative with placing their "castles" and then running before the water could get them.

Crazy action shot! This is high excitement for young boys!

Joshy liked to watch the action from the safety of his beach chair.

All in all it was lots of fun. We explored the beaches, found lots of shells and hung out in the cottage. The only downside was that I have been sick for a week and was fairly miserable with a cough. The only way I could venture out to the beach was to wrap a towel around my head and mouth so as not to breathe in the cool air. Yes, I looked quite the sight but we were the only ones on the beach so why not?. :) Once we came home on Monday I decided I had better go to the ER while Dana was home with the kids; 4 hours later, 3 breathing treatments, chest x-rays and lots of medication I was sent home with bronchitis/early pneumonia and strict instructions to stay in bed (the computer chair counts right?). All in all, not a bad weekend, minus the pneumonia!


Donna said...

Looks like a great place to have had fun, and yes you too would have had a great time if you had only felt better... wish I was there to help you out.

Alisha Green said...

Ahhh that sounds and looks like it was a lot of fun. Too bad you were sick :( . I hope you get better soon!

Jennifer said...

Wow... hope you get to feeling better soon. Looks like it would be a fun trip. I love how in the previous post you had to clarify that it isn't "that" condition. :) cute! don't you love being at the age where one always wonders about that whenever you get the slightest bit sick?! :) Feel better!

sara said...

Man, that looks like so much fun. I can't believe how beautiful it is where you are. Sorry you're feeling so under the weather. Hope you can get some rest!!

Susan said...

Yuck! That stuff is spreading around here too. So far so good... we haven't gotton it. Hope you feel better soon!

Cathryn said...

Thanks all for the warm wishes of health! Dana was able to take Wednesday AND Thursday off work so that I could rest. YAY! Have I mentioned that I am married to the greatest guy ever?!

We did have great fun at the beach. :)

Ramona Jensen said...


Wow! I just caught-up on reading your messages. My internet has been down. Something is going on, as it continues to just "cop" out on me.
I am so sorry you have been sick-no fun.
I am tickled to see and read about the family and all that you are doing.
Once again the pictures along with you narrative is great.
I'm sick at heart to hear of the recent crime committed by one American against a sweet girl. How very sad and unfortunate.
I hope you will not experience any serious consequences. I agree that the Japanese people are kind, humble people. How disheartening as an American to see this happen.

I love you all. Take care.
Cathryn, I hope you are feeling better.

Love, Ramona/Grandma Jensen