Saturday, February 23, 2008


The Medical/Dental spouses had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go out onto the flight line WITH our cameras and get IN AN F-15! We also were able to check out night vision goggles (they are heavy!) and see some of the training that a pilot and crew have to endure to be prepared for "anything." It was humbling. I came away with a greater respect for the behind the scenes servicemen and women as well as the pilots.

Remember when you have gone to an air show and it is so loud that you wish you had ear plugs? Well, our living room often seems to be right in the center of a daily air show ( we can see the pilots in the F-15s as they fly past our apartment). On days that the decibel level is just a bit much for me to keep my sanity, Dana kindly reminds me of a phrase one of his commanders told him, "Hear that? It's the sound of freedom!" As silly as it sounds that actually helps to pacify the anxiety...for the moment. :)


Miriam said...

Cathryn, I just found your blog through Tacie's. What fun you and your family are having. Ranleigh's nephew who is in the military will be going to Japan as well. We are excited to visit. Your pictures are beautiful and your children have grown so much. It looks like a wonderful time and learning experience.

Cathryn said...


So fun to hear from you! I will head over to your blog; it has been such a long time since I have seen/heard anything about your family. Glad to hear from you.

sara said...

Wow, what a cool experience. Jud would be so jealous!!

p.s. your photos on this blog are so neat. I didn't realize how good you are!

Oliver and Keisha said...

That is so cool--Oliver is so jealous! What is it with boys and airplanes, especially the really fast and loud ones?!

Melissa (Catlin) Kiser said...

I just found your blog through the okinawahai website and then noticed you were a dental/medical wife and friends with the Petersons. We are PCSing to Oki in July and my hubby went to dental school with Nick. I've been in touch with Rebecca a lot and now I look forward to meeting you. Cool site and cute kids.

Cathryn said...


I know how you are through Rebecca!! Isn't it great how the church provides such a huge support system all through the world? Yes, I know you are coming and are looking forward to having you! Rebecca is a wealth of information on what to bring and what not too (don't bring a nice bbq grill because it will rot with rust within a year..sadly we know this). I try to post regularly on my blog, so stay tuned for more Oki-Info!