Thursday, February 21, 2008

Logan, the animal lover.

Low tide at Miyagi Beach is a world of adventure for boys! Tide pools, sea cucumbers and urchins...oh my!

These cucumbers are an endless source of excitement, though mommy doesn't care for them. They are squishy and yucky and slimy
Caught it! Logan's next words were "can we keep it and put it in our bathtub?" Umm, no. :0)

Other "friends" sharing the tide pool- a sea star and a small sea urchin.


Alisha Green said...

That sea cucumber picture was cool that i had to stad on the highcher.


Cathryn said...

Hi Kayla!

We miss you so much! Thanks for looking at the pictures. We love you and Abbie and Elijah.

Anpan Mom said...

How funny that I stumbled on your blog! I'm the one that used to live on your street that moved to Yomitan but you thought that we left the island. Remember me? I love the pictures of the seawall, Cathryn. I used to love wading in the tidepools out there with the boys and Mika. We have gone through many nets, killed one too many fish/sea star, and did our share of traumatizing the sea cucumbers. Just wait til summer, when your boys will want to be out there all day!

I'm "reflecting" (which is why I have so much time to stare at the computer and how I found your blog!) and the dog waste and trash lining the streets of the 'hood is the primary reason why we left. The first thing I did when we moved out things in here was open our windows and drink in the signs of life! The sounds of reeds in the winds and birds chirping. It's just brought me back to what this island's all about. Of course, there is some icky things to deal with (fresh or dried up vomit fronting the bars that line Rt 6 are really gross) but our neighbors ROCK and it's just been one good thing after another. Aside from the commute.

Take care :)