Friday, March 7, 2008

That Sneaky Gecko!

I must preface this post with mentioning how lucky I am to have my dearest friend live on this island with me. A twist of fate, divine intervention or pure luck whichever it may be is working for us here! Anyway, Rebecca and I cannot seem to go about any task and not have a good laugh; today was no exception!

We had our youngest sons, Josh and Jake, playing in her backyard in the warm and perfect weather today. Rebecca noticed one of her sons jackets laying in a pile of leaves so she snatched it up, shook it and then tossed it over her shoulder as she walked back towards me. I then notice something clinging for dear life on her back. "Wait!" I yelled, "don't move, let me grab your camera!" as I quickly ran into her house.
Here is the little cliffhanger.

After snapping a few pictures this little critter decides it has had enough of the photo-shoot and heads south, just south enough to come to the end of her shirt. Within a matter of seconds he had gone from cute little rascal to an invader! Of course the panic sets in as Rebecca's eyes get large and wide and she feels the creepy-crawly frantically looking for a way out of her shirt. She is screaming, I am screaming, we both are jumping around and laughing hysterically throughout it all. In the meantime, our shocked and confused 2 year olds are looking concerned to see both "mommies" in such an up-roar. Thankfully, after a few tense moments, he peaked out the bottom of her shirt on the other side. *Whew* Crisis averted!

Well, not two seconds after scrambling through her shirt to find an escape he fully emerges and scampers down her leg full speed ahead. What does he do? Yep, you guessed it! He goes under the lip of her pant leg! If we weren't making a scene with the shirt fiasco, we surely were now! The screaming commenced, just louder this time. Rebecca is yelling for me to do something and I am yelling, "what am I supposed to do??!!" and of course crying now that I am laughing so hard. The two year olds are backing up now...they are scared and want no part of this!
Fortunately , the sneaky gecko didn't make it past her ankle before he dropped onto the grass. Now, Rebecca being the brave and good mom that she is, scoops the critter up and proceeds to try and now untraumatize our sons. No easy feat. Notice her holding the cuffs of her sleeves closed...we were NOT going through that again!

It took a few minutes, but the gecko, boys and even Rebecca's heart rates all returned to normal. Ahh, another day in the life of Cathryn and Rebecca. :)

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Jennifer said...

How nice... sounds like quite a laugh... Frisky little gecko! I'm sure the boys were just a little wierded out. - oh, and glad to hear you have freedom back...

Donna said...

You make me laugh how you describe things! I bet you're glad you're not living on base!

Greg & Tacie said...

That is hilarious -- since it happened to someone else of course! I still can't believe the odds that you two live so close again...must be divine intervention.

Ramona Jensen said...

Wow! What a story. Add that one to your collection of "Island" experiences.

You do have quite the way of describing, explaining things.

I thought you were going to say the little critter ran up your pant leg.

Alisha Green said...

Oh my gosh, what a funny story! It is a cute little guy (or girl) though. hehe

Oliver and Keisha said...

That is funny--Aubrey would be so jealous. My little girl, wants a gecko so bad--we almost got her one but they are a ton of work. And I dont want to do it!