Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Katsuren Castle

So, we haven't been able to go and do anything exciting lately. I am pouring over my files of pictures to try and find something of interest to post.

These pictures are of Katsuren castle; so neat! The boys(Dana included)loved exploring the ruins and climbing the walls (yes, I was having a heart attack!) to see the view of the ocean and city below. Breathtaking.

Here is your history lesson of the day. I think what is most interesting to me from this story is that the lord of this castle attacked Shuri Castle. You can see pictures of Shuri Castle (jo-means castle in Japanese, I think) in an earlier post. Shuri Castle has quite the fortress around it, attacking it was a bold attempt. To read the story, click on the picture so it enlarges.


Micheal Green said...

wow that looks like a cool place

Miriam said...

I just love looking at the pictures you've taken. What a beautiful place to be living and such interesting history!

Joelle said...

Can you tell I'm reading your whole blog?? I'm pretty sure we don't have anything about Katsuren on Oki Hai either. Would you be willing to write something about your day there? Good & bad? We just really like to have things on the site that people have actually DONE! :) Let me know. todoinokinawa@yahoo.com