Sunday, March 23, 2008

Girls Day Out, Stop #1!

The long awaited and much anticipated "Girls Day Out" had arrived! And where is the best place to start a day like this, you ask? Cactus Eatrip of course!

It is just a little "hole in the wall" but goodness, it is incredible.

The menu had many tasty options. I went with the roast chicken sandwich..SO.DARN.GOOD!

I found this interesting. Here we are in this little quaint cafe, surrounded by "funky" decorations and bottles of Kirkland Brand olive oil...Costco! Ohhhhh, how I miss Costco!

Anyway, we chose these nifty beatup armchairs in the back to sit on, very ugly and sooooo comfy.

Let me just tell you one thing about these bagels...PERFECTION! The best darn bagel I have ever had! Slight crunch of the outer layer and then pure lucious, chewy and warm goodness for the rest of the bite. INCREDIBLE! After our sandwiches, we split a caramel cheesecake, just wow. And then on our way out they were pulling these gems out of the oven, of course we had to have one of those as well! Natural raw sugar sprinkled on the top of these perfect orbes of bread made them well, perfect!

Thanks Cactus Eatrip...and please, please PLEASE don't EVER go away!


Rebecca Peterson said...

How did you get this posted so fast? Oh yeah- you're on top of everything. Anyway, I've been dreaming of the best bagel ever made. Cactus Eatrip, I LOVE YOU!

Cathryn said...

On top of everything? Puh-lease! While you have likely exercised and neatly pressed your clothes, I am sitting here eating the ears and head off of a deliously sinful Dove Chocolate Bunny...:)!

Cathryn said...

Opps, that bunny was so good, that I can't even spell delicious right! HA!