Monday, March 17, 2008

The Bus Route

An everyday happening...

Here comes the bus! Yay! Andrew is almost home and his brothers couldn't be any happier.

Almost off and bracing for his enthusiastic brothers to greet him.

Told ya, they were excited!

Of course, we have to stop at the vending machine and ask mom for the 100th time why she doesn't have any yen with her to buy a drink. Okinawa REALLY has a deep and abiding love for vending machines! This one offers cold and hot drinks year 'round.

Almost home, and the race is on to see who can reach the security number pad first to type in the "secret code" and get to the elevator.

Ahh, another day in the life of the Jensen Family. :)


Ramona Jensen said... sweet.

I love those boys.

Donna said...

I love seeing the "everyday happenings of the family" I have to admit seeing the boys brought a tear to me! Love and miss you all
I hope you and Josh get feeling better soon!

Erin said...

Hi! This is Erin Axelson! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I told Josh about it and he definitely remembered you! Don't you love this blogging thing? Sounds like Japan is a blast! What a fun experience! Keep checking my blog! I'll try to post some more pics with Josh and his fam so you can see how they all look now! And I agree that Susan needs to post more! We lived up by them for seven years and just barely moved last year, so we need blogs to keep up too!

Cathryn said...

So fun to get to "know you" through your blog Erin!