Friday, March 21, 2008

Mommy's Knight in Shining Armor

I know I am in the middle of needing to edit the rest of the pictures of Toguchi Beach, but I must post about a different topic tonight.

It finally happened. I was finally just too sick to get up in the morning and take Andrew to the bus stop. Sure, I have felt fairly under-the-weather several times over the past two years of having to get my oldest to school on time, but today takes the cake. I don't know if it was due to the fact that I hadn't slept at all the night prior or because I took a FULL dose of Nyquil or a little of both but I was out for the count this morning. Dana had already left for work so he was unavailable. Anyway, 7:30 rolls around, I am STILL in bed and Andrew comes in to check on me. He is my knight, err, well penguin at the moment.

So, he comes in and I tell him that I just can't do it, and I need his help today. "So, you mean, I don't have to go to school?" he asks as his eyes are lighting up. "Right, no school if you can be my really big helper today," and he was! He poured three bowls of cereal for himself and his brothers, put a movie on and I even vaguely remember him redirecting little brothers out of my bedroom for an hour or so. I am so blessed to have a son, who is responsible, tenderhearted and caring.

He also pulled the paints out and painted me this great picture. I found it laying on the pillow next to me. What a sweety. I love it, and will keep it in his "rememberance book."

So that no one panics thinking that I am a horrible mother that just stays in bed all day, I will have you know that I did finally pull myself out of bed. Of course, then we just drove on over to Rebecca's house and crashed their while I dozed in the chair and she helped my kids. I am surrounded by love!

The day ended well. The kids had a great time today, playing so nicely with each other. My house was trashed, but my kids were happy so who cares about the mess(its all cleaned up now anyway).

Thanks Andrew and Rebecca for saving me today!


Ramona Jensen said...

I think I'm "In Love" with your Knight in Shining Armor.

Could I have him visit my home?

What a lucky mom you are.

The Caldwells said...

Now I know who to call when I can't get out of bed! I'll just borrow Andrew to take care of Tabatha! Seriously thought, how sweet is that? It brought tears to my eyes! I can so see him doing it all day to, because he is so loving of his brothers!!

Donna said...

Andrew, so much like his mom when you were little. What an angel he is.