Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Josh-ism

Anyone who knows our family at all, knows that our boys (all of them) are VERY into transformers. I buy them, but draw the line at knowing how to transform all of those bad boys.

Anyway, the Easter Bunny brought baskets laden with transformers for the kids (smart bunny). Josh was so excited to see "Scorponok" (the bad scorpion transformer from the movie) laying in his basket. "Mom, look!" he says, "it is Port-a-snok!" That had us all rolling. Ahh, we love that kid. Josh was happy the rest of the day with his "Port-a-snok" and "Trammers".

1 comment:

Ramona Jensen said...

What a darling boy! And I'm not even there to enjoy his personality first-hand.