Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Girls Day Out, Stop #2! Fukushuen Garden

Ok, this post is going to be picture heavy, but this garden was AMAZING! It is in downtown Naha and will be one of the "must see places" if we have any visitors while we are here.

Fukushuen (pronounced Foo-Coo-shoe-in) Garden is styled after a Chinese garden and is a symbol of the "friendship" that Okinawa and China have together (at least,that was my interpretation). It is beautiful and serene. I think that many more pictures will be taken here in the next couple of years.

So, enjoy the pictures...better yet, come visit us and we will take you there!


Greg & Tacie said...

I am continually amazed (and jealous!) of the sites you get to see.

Jennifer said...

great pictures! I'd sure love to drop on by - you have some beautiful sites there!

Melanie said...

We love those gardens too and the best part is they're free! Where is that bagel place?? My mouth is watering!

Cathryn said...


The bagel place is down 58 just past the intersection that you turn to go up the hill to House of 66. The bagel place will be on your right. You go past it and then make a u-turn at the next intersection. They have 2 parking spots I think. It is a TINY hole in the wall, but SO GREAT!