Thursday, March 27, 2008

Girls Day Out, Final Stop...Kokusai Street

They had these nifty bike taxis on Kokusai, we didn't try it but should have just for the experience of it. Kokusai is a mile long road with tons of food, vendors and markets.

I LOVE the sanshin. When I first heard the sound it creates, I was a little put off. But now, I really like it. It is a bit "twangy" but so relaxing. I believe that it is distinct to Okinawa and most of the time, covered with Habu skin (like this one).

Mango Kit Kats?!! Who knew?

I found these yummy looking hot dog thing-a-ma-jiggers at a gas station we took a quick peek into; hungry?

A sashimi and seafood market off one of the side streets of Kokusai.

A cute little grandma pushing her wheelbarrow filled with ripe juicy apples to sell.


Cathryn said...

Ok well, apparently Kokusai street was not a big hit with anyone...but I liked it. :)

Ramona Jensen said...

Hey, the pictures were very cool.
It looks as though you had a blast.

If nothing else, just to have some time to yourself with a good friend.