Sunday, June 1, 2008


Andrew was loving all of the butterflies being attracted to the hat. I love the look he has on his face; it is one I see often when he is happy and sweet.

Logan was a bit nervous at first, but once he realized that the butterflies didn't have any teeth and just a long tongue he was fine.

They had artificial bouquets that had been sprayed with something that REALLY attracted the butterflies. The kids loved these! You could just slide your fingers up under the butterflies legs and lift them off the flowers.

Clearly, they had no fear and were just happy to land anywhere. I snapped this picture with one hand while trying to not startle this one.

They also had a bunch of large hermit crabs to look at which was good, because Joshy had had enough of the monster butterflies swarming him.

See? I told he he was done!

We did get one of him wearing the hat, though Dana had to steady him because he was ready to bolt.

I love love love this picture. Andrew caught one in his hands and was being so careful to be gentle with it. For some reason, this picture touches my heart. It reminds me of the love Heavenly Father has for all his children; strong, comforting and protective love that is there to shield you when you need it.

This bold one tried with all his might to lick my shirt to death only to be disappointed to many times. The butterflies were so attracted to my bright pink shirt. It is good that I don't have my mother's phobia of wings or I would have been a goner. :)


Angie said...

I need to take my kids to this place. How fun.

The picture of Andrew gently holding the butterfly is so precious. I like the comment you made - so true, so true!

You do such a great job with photography, Cathryn!

Donna said...

Love Joshy's face! And yes, the boys are so tender with them. I have to admit though I couldn't stay there long...probably not at all...but I love the pics anyway!

thekerrclan said...

What cool pictures! I love butterflies!

Candice said...

I always wondered what it would be like to hold a butterfly. that is so cool.