Thursday, May 29, 2008


Is it possible to become any more busy in my day to day life? When we first moved here, I was so bored. I just hadn't found my niche' yet and was unsure about myself in a new world. Now, 9 months later I am running around so much that I wonder when I will get a chance to sneak in a nap in my favorite chair. Honestly though, I love it. I am happier when I am busy and responsible for "making things happen."

Anyway, enough about me. Memorial Day was great and we were able to check out a new fun place, the Butterfly Garden. Basically a large greenhouse full of butterflies; heaven on earth for Andrew and Logan though a bit much for Joshy considering that the butterflies were quite large and unafraid. I have many great pictures to post from our fun (although extremely HOT) adventure in the greenhouse, I just will not have time to post for a few days. SO, to "wet your appetite" I leave you with this cute picture of Andrew.


Angie said...

What a great picture! Your kids are so sweet and very well behaved - my kids (particularly the boys) had a GREAT time and loved the costumes! :)

I'm still checking on some great ideas for the quilt (I'll be posting something about that soon -thank you, thank you)!

Donna said...

what a wonderful adventure place...for those who like wings ;)

Jessica said...

Random questions for your TAG post:
Do they have target in Japan? Can you really use that site's info: Fishing for Deals?

Ramona Jensen said...

What a cool picture of Andrew. I look forward to more pics of the boys.
I have missed talking with you.
I so enjoy the pictures and your comments on life there.

Cathryn said...


No, they do not have Target in Japan. *cry* I also can no longer post on FFD (don't have an idea why) but I can use the info. Sometimes, due to the time difference I miss out on great deals. I also have to think about items being shipped around the world, so my buying has been curbed a bit; but I still love the site.