Friday, May 16, 2008

Zakimi Castle

I am just amazed at how many castle ruins are on this small island. It seems, that wherever we go, we see signs for a new one. So much history to explore! Zakimi Castle was no exception. This ruin was around 800 years old (I forgot to take a picture of the historical marker sign on this one so give or take a 100 years). It belonged to the "lord" of what is now known as Yomitan. By the way, I LOVE Yomitan and would really like to find the "perfect" little house on the beach there to live for the next couple of years. A girl can dream.

I have seen some fantastic pictures with the sun and it's rays peaking through this doorway. Unfortunately, this isn't one of them. :) We were at the castle in the middle of the hot and humid day.

I just loved the smooth corners of this castle. Amazing.




I just can't believe how fast the boys are growing up. At times, I will catch a glimpse of Andrew walking down the hall and it just takes my breath away to see him getting so tall; he is losing his "baby face" and growing into a young man.

Logan is so sweet and eager to learn. He LOVES homework and projects. He told me the other day that "kindergarten is surely where I want to be, because you will be so proud of me." Of course I wanted to sob when he said that. I am already proud of my sweet sweet boy and DON'T want to send him off to school.

Joshy is still 2 going on 10. He has now completed his first week of "potty training bootcamp" and is doing great. He is so fun to talk to and play with. He definately has a mind of his own as well as a huge vocabulary to go with it; so fun. He will be starting pre-school in September and will love every minute of it.


Donna said...

Seeing these precious young men just pulls at my heart strings, how I miss them so~

jamminjensens said...

Hey ya'll! Well, we are finally getting with the times and started a blog of our own and I am now really getting into this blogging thing! Ramona gave me your address so I thought I'd hop on and say hello. It sounds like you guys are staying busy and having some fun too over there! Give all the boys hugs from us and tell them we miss them! Hopefully we'll be talking to each other a whole lot more now! It's great to hear what everyone's up to! Feel free to check us out any time! (Chris, Shantelle, and Christian)