Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bootcamp Update

I bet you thought I had bailed out of bootcamp, eh? Well, I am not that lucky. :) Missing bootcamp on Wednesday taught me a good lesson. Which was, it doesn't pay to stay in bed. I was so disappointed with myself for not going that I was just a grouch. I was grumpy with my sweet boys for no reason at all except that I was mad at myself. So, I got on my treadmill and did a couple of miles but it just wasn't the same as bootcamp. At least it was something.

Friday I made myself go, sleep or no sleep. It was a good (read:painful) circuit workout. I was the most muscle sore I have been yet, due to this workout. The time went by fast and I was exhausted, shaking and even a little nausiated but most importantly, I was happy. I had done what I needed to do.

This morning was grueling. We had to do running at a track doing intervals of jogging and sprinting that translates into jogging/walking and walking faster for me. It was a long 45 minutes on the track. Then we did some ab work. Tough, but mentally satisfying. I would rather get up and get the workout done than be grouchy and mad at myself all day.

Now, to look forward too or at least mentally gear up for Wednesday. It is supposed to be their "best" workout! It is called the Habu Trail (lets hope I don't actually see any habu as I will have a heart attack and die right there and then). It is an up the hillside trail that apparently we will be running...with our water...our gallon jugs of water. Yikes!


Angie said...

Cathryn! I get so jealous (in a good way ... maybe I mean inspired) from your posts on the bootcamp. I've been thinking non-stop about possibly joining in the fall. I'm so proud of you ... it's amazing the feeling you get from a good, hard workout at the beginning of the day! I love it!

The Habu trail! Now I'm really jealous! LOL :) I've heard it's up and down and down and up! Lalon and I have been wanting to run it too. That trail is where the Marines do their Physical Assessment test (so I've heard). Let us know what you think!

You really are an inspiration! :)

Donna said...

ooooh! Sounds tough, but I'm glad you're happy! Would love to talk!

The Caldwells said...

Ok, so I was talking today at work with Kim and she was suppose to start the bootcamp this week and came in with a whole schedule for the week. Oh My Goodness!!! We were talking about the Habu Trail and I can't wait to hear your spin on it!! Keep up the good work!!