Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Habu Trail and Hell...a comparison.

Wow, just wow. Where do I even begin? Let me see if I can find adequate adjectives to describe this workout.

Hmm, lets see. Both places would be very hot, one with fire and one with humidity. Both places take some work to get too, one physically and one with bad deeds. Both places you would rather be somewhere else. Hell vs. Heaven and the trail Vs. the jungle where I could just be eaten alive. Both places I would not like to see for a very long time. Hell, well I hope to never see it and the Habu Trail at least not until the memory of the pain fades. :)

Ok, so it was rough. Intense. Hot. An hour later, I am still sweating. The Habu Trail is a service road that runs along the back of Kadena. It is a series of long steep hills. We walked to our starting point (I was already out of breath) carrying our gallon jugs of water; this water was to not leave our hands for the majority of the workout. They kept our workout between two hills, both long and quite steep (as in if your child ran down the hill they would fall forward on their face). I was relieved in the fact that it was not going to be an all out run for an hour. It was a circuit which I normally like. Circuits are fun, fast paced and such a mix-up of activity that the time flies. Well, I think we were in some kind of a time-warp on the trail because I am sure time stood still.

We were to jog down the hill, sprint up the hill and do 25 squats, down and up the hill 25 mountail climbers, down and up 25 jumping squats. Down and up 15 push-ups, down and up 25 sit-ups, down and up and I can't remember as I was then starting to halucinate pools of cold water to throw myself into. Oh yes, I remember. We had to walk down the hill doing ice-skater squats and then up the hill doing lunges (see, I blocked that out for good reason). We then had to just jog down and up three times without any additional circuit. Once down the third time we walked back up using our jug of water for bicept curls and then over the head tricept curls. At the top of the hill we then did 50 jumping jacks, some other jumping thing that I can't recall the name of, 25 mountain climbers and then we were done. I do think that those at the front of the pack did one more lap than I did as I saw some doing more sit-ups and then dips on the railing at the top of the hill. I was happy to crawl into the fetal position at this point and try and think happy thoughts.

By this time, our hour was up and we needed to walk back to the cars. Honestly, it was the bottle of propel I had in the car that motivated me to keep putting one foot in front of another. I love that stuff.

So, in the end I am glad it is over. I am still sweating and soaked through to the skin but I did the trail of Hell, err I mean the Habu Trail. It was tough. I am grateful for two fantastic trainers that are very aware of each persons fitness level and are supportive of where each is at; they are really great. Now, to go crawl into a cold shower. I wonder if I can just sit in there and eat my oatmeal. Hmm. :)


thekerrclan said...

What is a mountain climber? I love these posts...I SO wish I was in a position to find something like your boot camp around here. (As a sidenote: the boot camp class at Bally's used to be one of my favorites. I am certain it wouldn't even begin to compare to what you are doing...but I love a good workout!)

The Jensen's said...

Way to go! You tough girl! I was exhausted just reading that! Whew! Keep up the courage and good work!

Angie said...

LOL! Cathryn, you're so funny and make the image so vivid - especially the comparison (not something I like to think about:)!!

I kept thinking this trail was on Futenma (I know of one there) ... I will definitely be checking this trail out in the very near future. It's also nice to know how the circuits work and what they expect.

Awesome job once again! I'm so proud of you!

Cathryn said...


A mountain climber is when you are in a standing position and then reach your hands down to the ground so you are in kind of a "stink bug" pose (so unattractive) and then alternate pulling your legs up to your chest in a jumping motion (while keeping your hands on the ground). Your body is a sort of in a half push-up position and half stink bug. You can also do "spiderman" climbers (I don't make these names up!) where you pull your legs more out to the side of your body instead of up to the chest.

Jennifer said...

Sounds rough... you are awesome for sticking with that... I'm afraid I'd have stopped long ago. You are doing great. Can you feel a difference already?

Amie said...

Way to go, Cathryn! Now I'm curious and I'll have to go run that trail for "fun." :) Yay for you for sticking to it.

MaryAnn said...

I've been on that trail - those hills are killers! You are superwoman!

Miriam said...

I agree with Tacie, I love these posts. Your descriptions are so vivid. Keep up the good work. Isn't it exciting getting in shape!