Thursday, June 12, 2008

Water Fountain Fun

We took the kids back the aquarium a few weeks ago and let them play on the HUGE net play structure. Logan has zero fear and was leaping off the tallest of the nets down below to the next net layer. He thinks he really IS a superhero!

Andrew was a bit more hesitant but of course had to do what his little brother had no fear of doing. Josh started to bail off the side of the net to follow in his brothers footsteps; at that point Dana and I had a heart attack (these nets are REALLY high) and Dana climbed up there to retrieve Josh.

The kids were so hot and worn out from the nets that the decorative fountains looked very appealing!

They were given lots of looks and laughs from the Japanese tourists that were at the aquarium that day.

They really enjoyed themselves.

And of course, they were soaked to the bone.


Angie said...

How fun ... did you and Dana enjoy the water/cooling off as well? :)

Cathryn said...

Dana and I left the fun of the fountain to the boys. :) I don't think anyone wants to see a middle-aged woman running screaming through a water fountain. *shudder*

Jessica said...

That looks like fun. South Euclid opened a splash park this year. It is fun to have them turn on the "sprinkler" for the kids and not my hose.