Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bootcamp day #3

So last night I was totally exhausted! By 8 p.m. I was struggling to stay awake and for anyone that knows me, that is very rare. I am a night owl! So, off to bed I went. Dana tucked me in and left me to hibernate in my dark cave of a room. I slept soundly (with NO benedryl I might add). I was confused as to why my alarm was blaring this morning at 4:20 so I assume I was in some good deep sleep. Yay!

The workout was, and can I acually say this? Fun. They had 8 stations set up for us and we were in groups of 2-4. Each station had 6 exercises to do for 1 minute each. The trainers kept track of time and were there to urge us to push harder and keep going for our 1 minute of whatever we were doing. It was hard, painful and intense but it also went by really fast. I enjoy doing a "circuit" for that very reason. The time flies while you are kept so busy ping ponging from one exercise to another. We were able to socialize (in a gasping for breath to talk kind of a way) with the people in our group, so that made the time go by fast as well.

Is it even legal to say that I am getting past the crazy fear of having to get up so early? I have to admit, there is a bit of satisfaction to tip-toe down the hall and out the door so as not to wake my sleeping children and come back home an hour and a half later to tip-toe back up the hall so as to still not wake my brood. I have accomplished something for the day well before the day has even started. Crazy.

Oh, one last thing. I. Cannot. Do. A. Burpee. Yikes!


Donna said...

Cannot.Do.A.Burpee? What is that? I'm so happy that you slept so soundly and that your workout was so great, and besides all that, the mornings are wonderful. It reminds me when I would go off swimming when you kids were little tikes and come back home to find you all still asleep!
The nets and water looked like great fun too for the boys!

Jennifer said...

You amaze me, Cathryn! I am so impressed with the whole boot camp thing! That would sure be nice - though SO hard... I'm sure not at all athletic and mostly not too motivated (hence the huge weight gain since getting married and having the monkeys). I love reading about it... it's inspiring. Maybe someday I'll get my butt in gear and start something up also... though I think I could do without the whole before the crack of dawn thing... but, yes, I see what you mean about feeling accomplished - I feel like I'm never ready for the day until lunchtime... Yikes! :)

Angie said...

YAY! YAY! YAY! I'm soooo glad you posted on your workout! I love that feeling, too, of getting up early - the past couple days have been lazy :( so I need to get started again.

Like Donna ... what's the "Cannot.Do.A.Burpee"? I would like to guess on that one but think I'll refrain! :)

See you Saturday ... you certainly deserve it!

Cathryn said...

A do I explain it? I think of football players on the field warming up when I think of a burpee.
Stand. Squate down and put your hands on the ground in front of you. Kick back your legs (together) behind you out like a push up. In a jumping motion, pull you legs back in. Stand up. This motion happens within about a 5 second interval.
Umm, ya...I can't do it.

The Caldwells said...

Last year I couldn't do a burpee either!! I started working out with my trainer and a few months later I could!! Don't worry, you'll be able to soon enough! This is harder than anything she put me through!!!

Angie said...

Ohhhhhh a BURPEE! I think we always called them kickbacks or good mornings ... maybe not, I can't remember. Don't feel bad ... I can't either. And I can do a full push up very well either! Do they have you do push ups?

Cathryn said...

Yes, lots of push-ups. I am finding out just how flimsy my muscles really are!

thekerrclan said...

Ah yes, the burpee. You did a good job describing it. Never say'll be amazed how soon you'll be able to do all the things you thought were impossible. I'm still working on full blow chin-ups and pull-ups. Maybe someday.