Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bootcamp Day #2

Ok, so another bootcamp day is upon me in 8 hours from now. Yikes! I am not AS much of a nervous wreck, but still jumpy. Of course, we spent several hours wearing ourselves out at the beach so maybe that is why I feel less uptight, I am to tired too!

This bootcamp goes MWF for me. They also give us homework on our off days as well as needing to email them our food journal for the day, every day.

I promise I won't blog about every work-out or work-out eve, it is just consuming my mind right now!

See you in the morning...if I can stumble back to my computer to report. :)

Think of me in your dreams around 4 a.m.


Ok, Home again! Who knew that I could actually do this twice in the same week? Miracles do happen.

So, I pulled my comatose body out of bed in the pitch black of the night, err I mean early morning once again. Stumbled out the door while leaving behind me my soundly sleeping husband and children. Let me comment on my husband for a moment. He has been so supportive of me. He knows the monster I turn into when I am over-tired; think Sesame Street's Snuffelupagus on a rampage. He has been sleeping on our hide-a-bed couch the past few nights to be up with coughing children so that I can close my door and sleep without disruption. He truly loves me; I am blessed. Anyway, I left them in the quiet cocoon of our house and headed for the base. Reaching the track I saw that once again everyone was already started and being 2 minutes late really does make you behind. Here was our workout:
*Warm up lap around the track at our own pace
*Next lap, with 5lb weights in hand to do bicept curls and tricepts.
*Meet at the bleachers and run 3 laps up and down the stairs and across the back while doing leg lunges across the front.
*Run a half lap
*Planking with weights in hand and alternating picking up one hand at a time; x12 each arm.
*Do 60 step ups (about a 2 foot step)and one leg lifts; 30 on each leg
*30 squats
*Run a lap
*2 minutes of situps while holding a 5lb weight in front of you
*Planking for 1 minutes and then two seperate 30 second intervals
*Cool down

Most of the group were able to get two more laps in than I did, but I am slow! During one of my laps the sun started to rise. Well, who knew that a sunrise IS actually very beautiful and peaceful?! A friend was just telling me last night that she enjoyed a sunrise, I told her I like pictures of them but would rather just snuggle a little deeper into my covers. I guess I know what she was talking about now.

When I came home I found two very sweet emails from my brother David and his wife Heather; thank you so much for those! They made me cry and feel very loved. My hero brother Dave has just lost around 85 lbs! I am so proud of him. He looks absolutely incredible. My sister in law Heather just ran her first "mega-maraton" which is something like 32 miles. Woah..wow..and ouch. Here is a sweet quote from Dave's email (I hope you don't mind, Dave):If you miss a workout or have a bad eating day, put it behind you. Move on and don’t dwell on a setback. It is not a failure, only a setback. Who we are and who we become is determined by what we do most of the time, not by what we do some of the time.
Time is ticking away and I hear little bodies stirring in the room next to me. Time to go back on mom duty. Another day down and maybe just maybe another pound soon? A girl can wish right?


thekerrclan said...

WAY TO GO!! Keep it up...if it doesn't kill you, it'll have to get easier, right?

Angie said...

I did think of you this morning while all snug as a bug in a rug!:)

I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed the sunrise! I feel God's love during those early mornings.

Please post on the workouts frequently - you are motivating many by doing it!

Good job on completing another day!

Amie said...

good for you, Cathryn. I admit to being a morning person and for one of the reasons you mentioned--the sunrises. It's so wonderful to be out and about seeing something beautiful while most people are asleep. Here's to many more sunrises and motivation to keep on goin'. I love to hear about the bootcamp. I think you're amazing for trying it. It sounds extremely challenging.

Donna said...

I love hearing about "bootcamp", please post more!