Friday, June 6, 2008

Bootcamp Day#1

So, I finally joined one of the many bootcamps here on the island. I am scared. Not only am I extremely out of shape, but I also enjoy sleeping at normal hours of the night and this bootcamp is at 4:45 am!

This morning was an assessment of where we are physically, well you can all guess where I ranked in that department. We had to do a 1 1/2 mile run and then timed sit-ups and push-ups. After dragging my very tired body out of bed this morning (and I mean very tired, I couldn't sleep!) I noticed that it was lightly raining outside; hmm, not good. By the time I get to the track it is raining a bit more steady. Well, for most of the women there running this morning, the rain wasn't too much of an issue. But I am slow...really, really slow. By the time I had my last lap to do (with most of the others waiting for me under the pavillion) it was a complete downpour and well beyond breezy. I looked like a drowned rat out there. The last quarter of the lap a nice fit girl braved the downpour and ran (can I even call it a run?) along side of me to help me get to the end (thank you). Afterwards we had push-ups and sit-ups to do, yay! :)

It was hard. But a first step right? I bet you can only guess how excited I am to get up at 4:20am Monday morning to do it all over again, but at the same time I feel a sense of peace. Why? Because I am finally doing "something." Several of the women were so great to stay after and cheer me on while doing my (minimal) sit-ups and push-ups, so nice! The bootcamp is run by two women trainers that seem extremely supportive and 100% committed to helping me and everyone else there.

I am excited, scared and hopeful that this is finally my opportunity to get back in control and find out who I am again. Cathryn=who is that? So welcome to my journey of trying to shed that outer layer to find out what is hidden inside.


Donna said...

I know who you are; you are that beautiful person now and forever. If the bootcamp will help you feel better and at more peace than I'm excited for you!

Alisha Green said...

Yeah, I agree with your mom. You are an amazing, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, etc. Now you can just add healthy to the amazing part of all that. And good luck with that early morning thing. I don't envy that part of it, but keep it up, and let us know how things are going. Good luck!

thekerrclan said...

WOW - that is an impressive undertaking! ANYTHING that happens before 7 am is more than a challenge to me! Way to go. Just be kind to yourself and give it'll do matter what! I'll think of you as I struggle with my own workouts everyday!

Angie said...

Ah, Cathryn - you're such a sweet person. I'm excited for you! You inspire me! Please continue posting your progress. I'll be here to cheer you on, too! :)