Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A bedtime story about Okuma.

Who needs Disneyland when you have Okuma just up the road, right? At least, that is what we tell our boys and for now it is enough.

A week ago, our family enjoyed 2 days up at Okuma. The weather was PERFECT! Cool on the first night, and warm the next day. In fact, I had kids in jackets and hats the evening before and swimsuits the next afternoon. Who can complain about playing in the ocean the week before Thanksgiving?

I know that most here on the island won't be too interested in a timeline of events, but for my family, let me tell you a story about a day in paradise:

The car wasn't even unloaded yet before Andrew and Dad took off to go play a round of golf. It wasn't long before Logan joined them.

After golf, we sat and enjoyed this:

Then, our good friends arrived and all the kids grouped together yelling "take our picture!!" Well, who am I to disagree on that one?

The next morning started out with bikes! See that big one? It was a doozey. ALL of us had sore legs from peddling that monster. (Oh, and see that ocean in the background? It really is that color.)

The the kids ran through a tree/bush maze and found this lurking in the branches. That was one brave momma bird because I was right next to her and she didn't fly off (because I have yet to aquire a nice lense for my camera...hint hint)

Then we did race cars:

Some of our group were VERY excited!

After lunch it was an afternoon of lounging on the beach and soaking in the rays (except for mom who hid under her umbrella...the sun hates me!).

And last but not least, we enjoyed one more sunset before driving back home (though a couple of us went kicking and screaming...not the kids).

The end.


Angie said...

Do not kid yourself - this story is great! How beautiful and I'm so jealous because we haven't made an overnight trip there, yet.

These are the things that make life so beautiful. Plus, your children will continue to remember their life in Okinawa for years to come. Life is about the journey ... not the destination, right?

DGreen said...

Why is it when I see pictures of Okinawa and the places I've been with you and your family I start to cry...I miss you all and Okinawa so much!


Okay you have an amazing talent for photography, sure you live in a beautiful place, and you have a great camera, but those pictures take talent. Happy Thanksgiving!!! We are missing you, maybe next year we will be together on the beach for thanksgiving (although the beaches in California look NOTHING like the beaches in Japan). Love ya!!

The McMillans said...

Cathryn, I adore you! I am so glad you were able to get away. What great scenery, and fabulous photos!

Amie said...

I love these pictures. I was just going through our pics of the same type of weekend. There is a lot of beauty on this island and it's much easier to appreciate when it doesn't feel like 120 degrees outside! Yay for November through May!

jamminjensens said...

So....Can I just come live with you guys till next Spring? I am sooooo jealous!

landsgarringer said...

You have a beautiful family!! and you havn't changed a bit, you still look like you did at 15!!
talk to you soon. Leslie

Ramona Jensen said...

So beautiful. Can't wait to see it all.

Much love to you all.

Jennifer said...

Beutiful pic.