Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby Gecko

I was determined to come up with some good pictures this weekend, but between the poor weather of either extreme humidity or downpours of rain I came up a little short.

We did go overnight to Oura Wan (beach cottages on the north end of the island) which in and of itself was nice and relaxing, until I found this little critter on the bathroom sink. Now, he is cute and all but where babies are lurking parents are sure to be around. I almost was brave enough to hold the litle guy (because he IS cute) but when he wiggled off Logan's hand and tried to make a mad dash for his sleeve I had seen enough.

So, please don't look at the dirty fingernails and hand on my sweet Logan. We had just come in from playing in the mud pit, err I mean playground outside and were on our way to washing up when we found the little reptile.

Cute right? :)


Angie said...

That little guy is cute alright - but I'm like you and prefer looking - not touching! :)

I walked outside last night and one must've fell from above the door landing right on my arm!! I'm sure the neighbor's wondered what was going on with all the screaming and dancing about! LOL!

Be careful ... your boys might want to adopt them and take them back to the states. :)

Cathryn said...

I would have died of a heart attack right there on the spot if a gecko fell out of the sky and landed on me!

DGreen said...

It was interesting seeing them "hanging out" on the vending machines at night when I was visiting!

Jake said...

Very cool. Love the picture and I wish we lived somewhere that didn't freeze geckos.

We (wife and the kids) went on a walk about a month ago down by a local nature preserve and found over twenty baby snakes sunning themselves on the pavement. Several of us were very happy with the discovery... Mom, not so much!

Cathryn said...

I am with Mom (Tiffany, right?)!! No (zero, ziltch, zip) SNAKES FOR ME! Yikes.

Jennifer said...

VERRY cute.and gross.:)