Thursday, November 20, 2008

Logan at Zampa

Logan is one tricky little boy when trying to take his picture. For some unexplainable reason, he just cannot look at the camera, smile and keep his eyes open all at once. It is almost as if it physically hurts him to have that shutter snap because GOODNESS can he come up with all sorts of crazy faces.

Nevertheless (is that all one word?), if I take enough pictures fast enough I am bound to get one of him when he least expects it.

Logan Facts:
*He LOVES chocolate milk (thanks Grandma!)
*He LOVES school and is sad when he doesn't have homework.
*He LOVES to sing and be crazy.
*He LOVES costumes and dress-up. I have a feeling he is really going to like drama class when he gets older.
*He LOVES pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.
*He LOVES animals and is my most brave in picking up creatures (ie: sea cucumbers). I been begged countless times to "please let me take my cucumber home and keep him in the bathtub!"
*He LOVES his brothers and has two very best friends in each of them.
*He LOVES to keep us on task in reading the BOM every night and WILL NOT (I emphasize this) go to bed until he has had his spiritual enlightenment for the night.

We LOVE Logan!

Trying out some "camera therapy;" I think he likes it!

Oh, and look...TWINS!


DGreen said...

Oh Logan you are so adorable...I miss you so very much! I'm glad you're hanging onto some of "traditions" hehe!

Angie said...

Awww... those are SO CUTE! I love the one of him looking away and smiling and the one with a camera! Like Mother, like son (is that the way it goes?)