Thursday, November 6, 2008


I gotta tell ya, for the first time since we moved to this fantastic little island I have run out of pictures to blog about and sound exciting. What is worse, I can't think of too many other random shots to take that you all may find exciting. The only exception to that would be our mailgirl that rides her cute bike everyday with the basket at the handlebars overflowing with mail. Oh, and her UV ray shield that makes her look like Darth Vader (no, I am not kidding).

So, this is it folks; field trip pictures. I know, super exciting stuff hold on to your computer chair and let me take you on a little journey into a dirt field somewhere here on the island.

Logan had his first fieldtrip to go dig local sweet potatoes!

Here he is all ready to go. He looks fresh, cool and excited.

Ok, he is digging just as fast as his little hands can go...but its hard...and hot...and those potatoes are deep.

Whew, he found one! Congratulations Logan! You found yourself a 8oz tuber. Now, where is that ocean to go collapse into?!

Here is Josh on his first fieldtrip. A walk outside to see the fire engine and Mr. McGruff! He was happy, excited and just a little bit scared of the enormous talking dog.


DGreen said...

Ah, the days of field trips...they are so fun everyone! The boys look so great...can't wait for you all to come back to the states!

Angie said...

Looks like he has a real green thumb! Maybe he can give me some pointers! :)

The field trips they have here are so fun for the kids ... the potato one is really a good idea. Too bad you can't take a few back to the states to grow them.