Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Josh at Zampa

Ok, so I don't have a running commentary on all of these pictures of Josh but I just have to say one thing; can you see why he gets away with everything?! He is just so darn cute! He is 3 going on 10 as well as a lover and a fighter all rolled into one. When this "baby" of mine grows up, I will be heartbroken.

Some facts about Josh:
*He LOVES Transformers and wearing costumes with Logan.
*He LOVES to dip his food in any sauce available: ketchup, Ranch, Salsa etc.
*He LOVES pre-school.
*He LOVES his silky blanket that Grandma Green made for him.
*He LOVES Logan. :)
*He LOVES to say the before school prayer in the van and gives mommy a very mean look when I say it is one of his brothers' turn.
*He LOVES sucking his thumb and mommy is hoping he won't still do that when he goes on his first date.
*He LOVES puzzles.
*We LOVE him!

I love you Joshy!


Jay and Kara Barney said...

Can I tell you, I love your blog. You are very creative and great with words. Definitely something to aspire to.

Cathryn said...

Ahhh, thanks Kara. :)

DGreen said...

I have to say, just reading about him and seeing his sweet face, my eyes welled up...I miss him and your family soooo much!

Jake said...

Love the first pose with the elbow up on his knee. He could do a Gap ad...

Jennifer said...


Angie said...

Cathryn - you are such a great photographer ... I hope to goodness you do it professionally at some point! Your little ones are so adorable and they're such good boys, too.

The photo at the top looks so cool!