Saturday, November 22, 2008

Andrew at Zampa

So here is my sweet little "clone" or I mean, my first born. I say clone because emotionally he is just like me (quirks included!). As far as what his interests are, it is pretty much his dad all over again. He is also the only one of my boys that has "chocolate eyes" like myself and he is quite proud of that.

Andrew has always been the perfect poser for the camera. :)

Facts about Andrew:
*He LOVES to cook with mom!
*He LOVES Science anything (just like Mom and Dad) but most especially Anatomy and Astronomy. He is the only kid I know that likes to go to the Dr. so that he can ask him/her questions about "how things work."
*He LOVES Transformers.
*He LOVES sports of any kind but most especially baseball, tennis and golf.
*He LOVES his family and is wonderfully kind and sensitive to everyone.
*He LOVES to play the Gamecube and the Wii.
*HE LOVES to wear his PJs and is ready to change into them right after school.
*He LOVES popcorn, PB&honey sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies and STEAK (tenderloin to be specific).

We LOVE him!



Cathryn, We just miss you and your boys so much. When I see those pics of Andrew the first word in my head is "angel".

DGreen said...

We love you Andrew!! We're so happy to see you soon again.

Angie said...

When I think about your boys, the first thing that comes to mind is their sensitivity towards others. This could only be cultivated through very good parenting! They are so kind and fun and enthusiastic about many things. I still remember you telling about Andrew wanting to watch real-life surgery. He's destined for great things (all of them are).

The AZ McMillans said...

Hello! We are so glad you found our blog! Kevin and I spent the morning with him telling stories about you and your siblings and the good times you all had together. Your family is beautiful. Those boys couldn't get any cuter!

The McMillans said...

Cathryn, I am so happy to finally have some kind of bird's eye view into your life and family. You all look so beautiful, and happy.

Jennifer said...


Sarah Buma said...

Lens or no lens you have taken some AMAZING pictures! (But Dana, you can still buy her a lens for Christmas!) Cathryn, I have loved catching up with you a bit these past few days. I miss you!