Thursday, November 13, 2008

25 Words

Ok, so this is kind of a "touchy-feely" post and I hesitated posting it. But, it was thought provoking and important as well so I will just go ahead and throw this out for the world to see. :)

Last Sunday, one of the speakers in Church was relating a story about a POW who had been imprisoned for quite some time. Finally his captors allowed him to get a 25 word message out to whomever he wanted. He of course was not guaranteed his release to freedom and this was likely his last opportunity to say anything. He chose to write his last message to his family.

If you could give your family a message but only had 25 words to do so, what would you say?

So, Dana and I had both been independantly thinking about this topic and after talking about it, decided we would write our 25 words. We did give ourselves one little "cheat," we didn't count the greeting or the closing salutation. Here goes:

From Dana:
Dear Cathryn,
You are and always have been the love of my life. My only hope is to see you and the boys again. Love you forever. Dana

From Cathryn:
My Loves,
Love you all more than anything. Be faithful. Persevere. Find Happiness. Eternity will come. I am with you always. My family gave me joy. Forever, Cathryn/Mommy

Maybe this story struck Dana and I a little closer to the heart as we are an Air Force family and see a lot of families being seperated in the name of "peace."

Think about it.

(I will post something much more light-hearted soon!)


Melissa (Catlin) Kiser said...

so you totally made me tear up...and i am NOT a cryer. i'll have to think about my 25 words.

Angie said...

I love this, I remember that talk, and I think it would be hard to think about it. I don't know what I would say, but I love that you two did, what a great way to be a little closer with your husband! It's very inspiring.

Angie said...

WOW ... what a difficult thing to do, but you and Dana did a beautiful job.

I think we'll try this, too. Thank you for sharing this ... it's wonderful!

David Green Family said...

Cathryn, that post really gets one thinking!!! I think they told that same story in this last confrence.
Miss you guys, Heather

DGreen said...

This got me to my family is my greatest blessing I think I would want something said to all my family. Marrying dad certainly was my first wonderful love. After you were born Cathryn I didn't think I could possibly have more love in me to give since I thought I gave it all to you and your dad. When your brother David was born I found that love just kept growing and stretching and there doesn't seem to be an end to it. That's something I didn't know was possible at that time. So hence, when your other brothers were born love just seemed to keep growing! Since each of you took the step to marry I have loved each of my "new family members" as if they were my "own" children and that love just keeps growing. Now I have almost 13 grandchildren and I love each one individually the love I feel for them is immeasurable! Its an amazing thing how love just keeps growing~one of those eternal gifts we get to keep with us. So with that if I had only 25 words to say I would say this~
To My Precious Family:
The Veil is thin I'm not far away. Warm Sun;my hugs. Stars;my kisses. Breeze;my spirit. Know God,love family, think eternal always. Lovingly, your wife, mother and grandma

Cathryn said...

Beautiful Mom.

The Petersons said...

Thanks for posting that. I'd love to do that too. You always have the best posts. Such variety. Thought provoking and fun. By the way... I love that you finally came out and said that Geckos are cute.